Help please - clone dvd 2

I am using clone dvd 2 and any dvd. I am new at copying - but when I first started using the program to burn a dvd it would take approx 20mins - now it is taken approx 2hrs! :sad:

help - any suggestions on how to fix this?

Is it the burn that takes 2 hours or the total process of ripping, recoding and burning?

thankyou, the whole process was taking 2hrs when it had previously been taking 20mins. I have had this question answered in another forum. I appreciate your time though. my channels were somehow set to pio mode for transfer not dma mode. this has since been reset and I am back to 20min burns.


DMA/PIO was also the first thing that popped into my mind, but recently I helped a friend who had a similar problem. In her case it was the recoding of the movie that took so much time; the total process therefore took 110 minutes. Which actually made sense when I found out she has a Celeron 400 MHz cpu.
Hence the question if it was the burn itself that took forever, or the whole process.

Glad to hear you sorted the problem out.