Help please, can't backup my dvd

Hi there, I’m hoping someone can help me as I am completely stuck right now. I am trying to backup a DVD of mine, but to no avail. It is a DVD with anime episodes on it, not a movie. These DVDs I purchased on eBay, I believe they are more of a bootleg version (pressed DVDs, not burnt), but they should still work. I was kind of surprised that they work as it is a 4-DVD set, and each DVD holds 10 episodes, but they all play fine. Now my problem is that I can easily compress the last 2 DVDs and burn them to a DVD-5, but the first 2 DVDs are not cooperating. I am operating off of Nero Recode 2 and DVD Shrink I have tried using both of them to compress the DVD so that it will fit onto my DVD-R and it compresses, but the main video file is completely screwed up by the last 2 episodes. Major pixeling, not watchable. This did not happen with the last two discs, so I can not figure out why. Then I tried ripping the complete file in it’s original size with DVD Decrypter and it works fine, all episodes play, no pixeling. When I took that DVD rip from the hard drive and tried to load it into both Nero Recode and DVD Shrink both programs rejected the last video file (VTS_01_8.VOB) and would not load the files. I’m not sure what to do, whether I might be able to try other programs. My knowledge on backing up DVDs is pretty limited, I have stuck to the simplest ways so far. Please help me if you can.

It goes without saying that the source is bad… that said try using AnyDVD. Use it’s Ripper function to rip the files to HDD instead of Decrypter and try again.

if the files play ok when you rip them to your harddrive and the compressed files play ok after you “shrink” them then it’s probably the media you are using.

That has been my experience with regards to bad blank discs; the last part of the movie is bad.

You might want to post what brand of media your are using and the brand of dvd-writer.

I was using a Memorex burner, thankfully though I have used a program called DVDFab and have managed to rip a succesful DVD file to my hard drive which will load into Nero. Hurrah! DVDFab hasn’t got the best in options but at least it’ll work for these two discs. Thanks for the help.