Help Please! Can`Flash Firmware after Eeprom Mod

Hello everyone! I have a Liteon 411S Firmware FS0H

Im a bit scared here. I follow Zebras indication (mod v4).

I did multiple backups of the original eeprom.
I then patched it with gui v4.
I wrote patched eeprom to the drive (it now shows 811 in the ANSI place) but my drive is still recognized as 411S by CMOS and windows.
I rebooted.
I then patched latest 811S official firmware with flashfix but after I agree to continue it does not detect any drives (nor 411S nor 811S) It only shows too “phantom” drives or so calles 2-0-0-0 and 5-0-0-0 and of course I cant flash the firmware.

I tried siwtching from primary master to secondary master but it doesnt change anything.

Going back to the original eeprom doesnt even let me firmware the drive with the latest 411S exe file (official).

Can any one help this newbie please?? Thanks a lot!!

You do not patch the firmware with Z-4. Also be sure to update the boot code when you flash the FW.
Use a .bin file and LTNFlash to flash the FW, selecting “update boot code”.

There is a problem with your ASPI drivers. Either remove them completely using KillASPI.bat from forceASPI or install different versions.

In the readme file it does not specify any thing about “update boot code”. Just to FlashFix the original unmodiffied oficial EXE to bypass the model checking and be able to firmware the 411S to a 811S.

Anyway where do I get a 811S binary to flash? :S

Ill try removing completely the ASPI drivers (4.71.1 version installed) Ill get you back on that!

Thanks for helping!

Hello again! The problem is resolved! Indeed the problem was caused by the Aspi drivers! After runing killaspi.bat, then reboot… I could flash without problems! It even shows my drive in Kprobe…

And I thought having aspi installed was something good… :-/ Go figure…

Thanks for the help! Very appretiated!

having aspi 4.60 properly installed is good. anything else, such as using a different version (as u were doing), is a potential source of problems. many programs require aspi 4.60 in order to function correctly.

rdgrimes = "…You do not patch the firmware with Z-4. Also be sure to update the boot code when you flash the FW…"

just to paraphrase and clarify what Ultra Nexus did in this thread…

apparently we can use the original 811s firmware with the Z-4 without patching it providing it is BIN format…

whereas Ultra Nexus used the 811s firmware in EXE form which you apparently have to patch…???

You use a patched .exe or a .bin file only for the first flash, after that the official .exe is used. when he said “Patched” I interpreted that to mean the older type of patched FW that was used with Z-2 and 3.