Help Please! - Burning files to DVD



Hi there, Hope some of you guys can help me I’ve just downloaded a movie which is a DVD RIP of 1.36GB in size and has the file extension/format of ‘Moviename’ this file plays in quicktime with the .3ivx codec installed and is complete with DVD Chapters. The format of the movie is 16:9 Widescreen with a resolution of 1038 x 416 and contained within the files is the DVD chapters.

I want to simply burn this one file into DVD Format to play on a standard DVD player complete with the original chapters and quality.

However I canno’t transcode it into DVD format or indeed any other format which a program like Nero Vision Express can transcode it into a final DVD. All I know is that Nero Vision Express simply either refuses to accept the format in the first place, or on some occasions does accept the format, for some reason, but just before the transcoding process will warn that this format may produce unstable results and then whilst in the transcoding process will lock up momenterialy and say that it encountered an error. :confused:

I have tried transcoding the file into recognisable formats using these tools:

ImTOO MOV Converter
MOV Converter
Digital Media Converter 2.4
Cinema Craft Encoder SP
DVD Santa
Roxio Easy Media Creator

But Roxio simply refused the file in the first place, meanwhile DVD Santa even with the highest quality 16:9 widescreen settings did complete the transcoding sucessfully but managed to reduce the quality into somthing you would have to watch on a 3" portable TV and cut off half the movie width! Finally the rest of the above programs simply started the transcoding but all get stuck at various different stages in the process either freezing the computer or generating an error message.

I now this is not an error with the file because it plays perfectly in Quicktime at amazing quality all I want to do is burn it to a disk to play on a DVD Player and for the movie to contain chapters. Is this too much to ask?

Anyway there must be a way because the majority of DVD Rips are in this stupid format! And people must burn them to DVD.

So please can someone tell me how to burn/transcode this movie as I have been working in trying to do this for four solid days now!

Thanks in advance for any help/guidance you can offer me. :wink:


TMPGenc might do it but it would need the QuickTime reader vfapi plugin (qtreader.vfp). I did successfully convert a mov file to DVD in the past. Here’s a link which has some TmpGenc advice ( )

I’ve acquired loads (100s) of movie files but none in this format so I don’t know where yours are coming from.


Thanks I’ll give it a go. Will post the outcome shortly.

Oh and by the way I was saying that a lot of movies are in this format because when you go into google and search this format you get loads of pages to download movies!


Hummmm… really did think that was going to work but when it got 1/4 way through windows popped up and said:

This program has encoundered an error and needs to close we are sorry for the…usual bla bla.

:sad: :sad: :sad: :o

As I am sure you can understand this is getting really annoying for me now!

Any further ideas?



If it errors out with that error at 25% it sounds a lot like hardware error. You might have bad RAM or need to stop overclocking…
What exactly was the error message?


I ran the program again and the error message says that QTReader.vfp encountered an exception 0x0000005 Only can’t remember how many 0 there were! But this time the program generated the error message at only 2%.