Help please, burning Disciples 2



Okay, I have a .img file of Disciples 2 that I got off of edonkey2000. It came with the .img files of both cds of Disciples 2, along with a .ccd file for each, and a .sub file for each. Now I’ve tried TONS of ways to burn this file. The first thing I tried was Clone CD, then I tried Alcohol 120%, then I tried BW. Every time the cd burned, but it didn’t work. I never burned the first cd, instead I simply extracted the .img file to a directory on my Hard Drive (Using IsoBuster). Then I ran the auto-install until it got to the second CD. Every time I burned the second CD (using a bunch of different methods. Probably went through an excess of 7 cds) It would say something similar to “Insert the second cd, once it is ready, click ok”. When I clicked ok, it would flash for a milisecond, and reappear (basically telling me I didn’t have the right cd in).

I’ve done a bit of research and I’ve discovered that Disciples 2 is guarded by Securom 4.77. I don’t know how to burn this game. If anyone has been successful burning it, I’d LOVE for you to tell me how to do so.

P.S. Due to this experience, I’m never going to mess with another .img file again. .bins all the way for me anymore :).


I have a .img file of Disciples 2 that I got off of edonkey2000

Since you do not own this nor did you legally obtain it you will find no help here. This site does not support nor condone these actions. :cop:


Understood, and I ask to be forgiven. I have however resolved my problem. CD Clone installed a virtual drive on my HD that I hadn’t noticed. It kept booting to my F:\ (virtual drive) instead of my E:\ (physical drive). Everything works fine now.

Edit: Btw, I hate you Kamakaziee :(. Your RAM, and Mobo are worth more than my whole system (granted I do have an 80 gig HD and a good ole’ 3 year old GeForce 2 MX/MX 400