I am trying to extract win2k and I don’t know whats up with the bin file. It doesn’t open in winimage and when I tried to burn it there was nothing on the cd, yet i can open it with isobuster. is there another app that oens and extracts bin files? I have no idea what is wrong can anyone help me out here?


You need a cue file wich is with the bin file.
Then user a program like BinChunker which converts a bin to a iso.


You can save the files out with ISOBUSTER, it will take time, but it’ll work.


any other ideas, there is bno way in hll I am going to extract 100,000 files 1 by 1 no fucking way, and I got the cue, nothing is in the bin file, any other ideas?


Get another image then.


Sorry mate, that was not very helpful of me. Try Winimage at it should read the bin file and allow to extract all the files at once (if I remember right).
Good luck.