Help please. 8X DVD-Rs burning at 12/16x

Sorry to intrude this thread but I’ve also just got a 1620pro. I tried burning a 8X Datawrite Grey Tops (Prodiscf01) at 12x but it kinda like stop at 25% and slowly increases, even thought the remaining time says it’s already 00:00s. Tried some TY02’s too and same thing.

What’s the firmware you are using? Once I got the same problem on V9 with WOPC disabled. Reflashed fixed the problem. Probably was a bad flash.

I havent flashed it yet, just got the drive today with the fw T9.

And are there any tutorials on how to flash my drive ? I’ve not done it before so what should I know before flashing it ? I’ve already d/l windwflash and mcse.

1/ Download the firmware you want to modify.
2/ Start MCSE.
3/ Load the firmware .exe or .cvt file.
4/ To increase the read speed, simply click the increase read speed checkbox
5/ To increase the write speed, double click the media code you want to change and select the write strategy you want to use instead. This is a bit of trial and error. Check the Changing DVD±R write strategies (results thread) to see if your modification has been tried before.
6/ Save the firmware
7/ Start the modified flasher or flash the .cvt file with WinDWFlash.
8/ Reboot

This, from ala42, is pretty close to what you will need. Make SURE you only flash the right drive.

ok ive flashed it to V9 and im getting the same problem, it stays at 25%. :frowning:

Please could anyone help me. I can’t overspeed burn.

And what’s the diff between the RPC1 and the other FW versions ?

It appears that it burns 16x for the first 25-30% then burns slowly after that (4-8x?).

burn a data test disk(with Nero), run CD/DVD test and post the results. {This will show burn speed and quality} There is no way your burner starts off at 16x.

Edit: Here is an example. The grey line is the burn speed. As you can see, it starts off a little above 6X and ends at 16X. The “Speed” in the bottom right corner of the screen shot, is the time it took to run the quality test at 8X.

Oopps, the following quote from my last post is an incorrect statement. That is the final speed the test was run at. The time was on a different screen shot. Sorry

“The “Speed” in the bottom right corner of the screen shot, is the time it took to run the quality test at 8X.”

Here it is.

I disabled WOPC and managed to burn a 8x DVD-R at 12x but not at 16x. The problem is it takes 20mins to burn at 16x. I’ve used Nero and some other burning softwares.

That looks like a +R, 16X burn to me. Starts off around 6X and ends at 16X.

yeah it goes the same for + and -Rs

And WOPC is NOT disabled… :wink:

Capture and post the first CD Speed window after you done “create data disc”.

sfarieq, please save your pics for posting with .PNG extention.

You want me to enable WOPC and run the test ?

Hmm, probably not that good idea on this media.
(My remark only because you said you had disabled WOPC in this post above. Apparently you didn’t.)

I have Fuji Magnetics GmbH (Germany) branded Prodisc F01 and they burn so so with WOPC disabled. :stuck_out_tongue:
Note, 12x burn speed is max for this kind of media with B7V9.

Hm, anyway I’ll try again.

It annoys me that I can’t burn 8x discs at 16x.

Update : I notice when it burns in Nero the used read buffer will suddenly go to 0% and go back up to 100% than slowly back to 50%.

I’ve got 1GB of RAM btw.

All I can say is try some different media for certain. Prodisc ain’t exactly that great. I use Maxell RG03 and I have no problems doing my burns at 12x. I find more +R’s will burn at 16x with this drive then -R. Try some better media like TY. Not all media can be overspeed burned.

If you read my other posts, you’d see that i’ve tried two different TY dvds but still couldn’t get to burn at 16x. I suspect it has something to do with the IDE channels that’s connected to the drive ? I’ll change them later and let you know. :wink: