Help! Playing my Dads Xmas CD-R on my new DVD-sony



Hi, my Dad used Microsoft Photo Story to put together Christmas photos with a music track in Ireland. He then sent it to me in the UK. I bought a new Sony DVD but it won’t play!!! Cannot suss it out for the life of me. He recored it on to a CD-R.

I have managed to view it on Nero and Windows Player!!

Any thoughts :flower:


Welcome to the forum. It depends on the format he used to make the cd. If it is just data burnt onto a cd, it is hard for some set top dvd players to play. Most likely the cd was made into a “picture cd” you can check to see if your dvd player can play those discs. A good place to check out your dvd player is here:
and search for your particular player and you can find out your player likes and doesn’t . Otherwise you could try to get the data off of the cd and reauthor it into a dvd. Hope this helps.


It’s possible that the CD wasn’t finalized. I’ve used imgburn to close a DVD but I’ve never it to finalize a CD. It might be worth trying.

Download the file, and go to “Tools”, “Drive”, “Close” and “Disc”.


Thanks for that, I’ve just had a look and it should be ok on my DVD. My Dad can play it on his DVD!! hmmmm I might try and recreate his pictures on Photostory and try and burn a DVD myself and see what happens!!! this business is so confusing there is never an easy answer!!!


Thanks for your reply…just tried it but an error message kept on coming up I/O Error with various codes, and Check Condition, Invalid field in CDB, Close track/session… Now I know the CD’s condition is ok because I can play it on the computer and my Dad can play it on his DVD. I used the img burn to close the track and session but still nothing happened and no change. Still a mystery…hopefully something will dawn on me eventually!! Thanks anyway


Can you post a screenshot of Windows Explorer, showing the contents of the disc?


Sorry, I’m not well up on all of this I tried to paste exlorer view but it did not appear. The folders I have got are as follows: CDI, EXT, MPEGAV, PICTURES, SEGMENT & VCD. Do you need the file extensions?? The MPEGAV folder has one file extension of AVSEQ01.DAT. This is the file I opened on the computer to play the video photos. thanks v much for any help.


sometimes the dear dvd players (sony) can’t read cd-r, dvd[U]+[/U]r’s so good, the cheep dvd players are better for this


Looks like you have a Video CD there alright. Not my specialty, but if you have NeroVision Express installed (or another video editing app), you could try importing it into a new project (Video CD or DVD) and export/burn it again. Maybe Nero will turn out something more compatible…


Hi Cressida… thanks for that…I’ve sussed it!! The original CD was burned on to a CD-R. I copied that to the computer and then burned just the one mpegav.dat file onto a CD-RW and tried to play it on my new sony DVD …it didn’t work. Then taking note of a previous posting from Bjproc about new DVD players not being able to read certain files. I connected an old DVD player… and hey presto it worked. The original CD-R still did not work on the old DVD.


What would you use to burn photos on to view on a DVD… CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RW etc,??

Many thanks


Strange indeed :slight_smile: ! Again, I’m not very experienced with standalone players, but it’s true that there are so many formats around that you almost need to check the manual to verify which are supported on your particular model. Generally speaking, Video-CD (VCD) and Super Video-CD (SVCD) go back to the pre-DVD era and are not used that often any more. SVCD is better quality (like DVD), but less compatible than VCD (which may have been your problem here). If the software allows it, I’d burn a slideshow as Video-DVD onto RW first (and then burn or copy to R if it works and you wish to keep it). Your choice for +R/RW or -R/RW can depend on what your burner/player(s) prefer. Always use quality blank DVD’s, Verbatim is normally a safe bet here).


Thanks for your help!!
All the best