HELP! - Pioneer DVR-K15 disc recognition issue

I recently bought a Pioneer DVR-K15 fitted into a slimline external case with USB 2.0 connection for my Acer Aspire (1.8GHz, 768Mb RAM) notebook. It installed fine, shows up in My Computer and Device Manager, but when I put a blank DVD-R in, it won’t recognize it. Same with a burnt CD and a blank DVD-R DL. I thought maybe it wasn’t getting enough power from the USB port, so I hooked up 2 USB ports, one to feed just power, the other to give both power and communication, still no luck.

Basically after you put a disk in it starts interfering with everything else that is running, freezing the computer up and generally being extremely resource heavy (or something). I am trying it with Roxio Easy Media Creator suite 8, as this has had great reviews and is supposedly better than Nero. I am tempted now to go back to Nero and try that, but I have a feeling it won’t make a difference. The Matshita CD-RW drive fitted internally in the notebook has always worked fine… Any suggestions? I really want to get this drive working because it looks so slick.

Most external cases are crap for the usage with optical drives, especially burners.

Cheers chef,

The guy I got it from assured me it was tested for both read and write capability prior to shipping (he’s an ebay seller with pretty decent ratings). Do you think it would be worth me trying to switch my old internal burner for this new (supposedly better) one? Do you reckon the problem lies with the IDE to USB conversion for the external case. Any idea how difficult it is to switch out optical drives on notebooks? Obviously the front bezel has to fit reasonable well, but I don’t know whether I will have to open up the whole case or not. If you have anymore suggestions, let me know. Thanks again for the original response.

So I managed to get it to play a burnt audio cd through the USB 2 external case connection; it took a while to start, but once it did, it played fine - I switched between tracks quickly and it kept up fine. I ejected the disc, tried it again, and it wouldn’t recognize it! Thats the only time it has worked. Very strange - the drive obviously works, but something it preventing it running consistently.

The other thing is that some special mobo IDE drivers interfere with other drivers and prevent the burner from functioning normally.

I am starting to think this was a bad purchase…

What is a mobo IDE driver, by the way?

Special IDE drivers, exist eg. for nforce, SIS and other chipsets.

Recommended are the IDE drivers by ms.

I use the standard ms IDE drivers. My final thought on this matter, and this is the last thing I’m going to try - I have a feeling the drive itself might just not be able to draw enough power from the USB ports alone on my notebook. I have ordered myself a cable with built in LiNH rechargable battery - you can charge the battery and then use that to power the drive when it needs it. As the drive itself is designed solely as an internal drive, and it has been mounted in a simple external case, I’m sure I might just need to give it more juice.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll have wasted a bit of cash, but I’ll have learnt from my mistakes at least! I’ll keep you posted if your interested in the outcome.

Going back to the beginning - the drive struggles to recognise discs, but managed to play a CD once (I still don’t understand that…). I plugged it into USB ports on a desktop computer at work (drivers didn’t install due to security at work), but the disc spun fine making me think it was getting a bit more power from the larger computer - All this makes me think it might just be a power thing. I’m probably wrong, but I hope I’m right!

Once again, cheers for all the help.


As I figured, I needed more power. An external AC adapter fixed the issue. The drive works great now and I have been burning my larger divx files to DVD for my viewing pleasure. Perfect! Thanks for all the help and suggestions, I appreciate the feedback.

Sorry to bring back the dead, but, I just burned a DVD+R on the K15 and it doesn’t even recognize it as being in the drive. What is going on?

I am no expert on these drives - mine is an external one which I was told would work fine on USB power alone. When I tried this on my laptop, I had no luck. I found that the only way to get this to work sucessfully was to plug in an external AC power supply. That is the summation of my personal experience. If you have an internal K15, I wouldn’t know what to suggest. If it is external and you are just using USB power alone, try my suggestion. Sorry it’s not much, but I hope it helps.

Well it recognizes other discs and blank media of the exact same kind, but not the media I burned on. It really makes no sense. Please help me.

Delete the Upper and Lower Filter, more info on the m$ support sites.

Uninstall software like Alcohol, CloneCD/DVD and Virtual Drives.