HELP: Pioneer DVR-K14 can't read or write dvdrs

Hi, I’m running a hp pavilion dv1000 with a 1.7 pentium m. The dvd burner on it has just recently begun to malfunction. It can read and write cdr’s and read dvd movies but it can’t read or write dvdrs. My system doesn’t recognize the dvdrs that I have already burned on my system. When I insert the dvdr it spins for a while and then just stops. I’m using Fujifilm dvdrs that were working just fine up until the past two weeks.

I have already tried uninstalling the drive in the device manager and that hasn’t worked and I can’t seem to find a system restore point on my system that will work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Clean the drive/lens.
Test the drive in another computer too.

i cant test the drive on another system because its on a laptop and im not familiar with testing laptop components on a desktop. I cleaned the lens though and now the drive is able to recognize the dvdrs but it can’t open any of the files. It just crashes if i try to open a file and the disc spins for a while.