Help! Pioneer DVR-A03 (Sony Model) Firmware

I’ve spent several hours trying to solve this problem. I just want a simple solution now. I think Sony screwed me.

I’ve got a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-A03 1.55 drive. It’s a OEM model by Sony. I’ve had it for 3 years, it came with my computer (PCV-RX580). It’s never burned a DVD before! Now it doesn’t even close data CD-Rs. It only completes audio discs by Windows Media Player. I’ve formatted before, and installed the factory recovery CDs, when I put a blank DVD-R/DVD-RW into the drive, it just spins and spins.

I’ve downloaded many region free firmwares (1.6, 1.90) and they never work. It says Kernel not matched. I’ve tried the supposed way to bypass that too. No solution.

I got the CD that Pioneer mailed out to update the firmware for this drive, but it’s not OEM Sony-model supported.

Does someone know of a firmware that supports this OEM Sony model drive? I need a solution to this 3 year problem. I’m ready to go OfficeSpace on this piece of crap!

Welcome to cdfreaks DigitalSucks :),

take a look here there is a firmware for Sony OEM model but always be careful flashing your drive. Check with nero info tool for your correct drive and firmware version :).

Nero Info Tool says I’ve Firmware Version 1.55

Does that mean I should download 1.55 from that link to get it running correctly, or update to a newer one?

Is the drive not working because I’ve lost the 1.55 and gained another version?