Help: Pioneer DVR-111D + TYG02

Been looking at some scans with the Pioneer DVR-111D and TYG02 disc.
My scans dont quite measure up to what every1 else.
Pioneer is set on Secondary Master IDE.
80 pin cable used.
Tested on diff spindles of 50 with virtually same results.
Flashed with 1.19 original was 1.02.
Bought Taiyo Yuden @

1st scan is @ 4X
2nd scan is @ 8X
if i did a 12X scan, i would get 2.5 X worse results even thou Quality is @ 99.
Can sum1 tell me what the hell im doing wrong.

AMD X2 3800+
Asus A8N-E
512 MB Kingston VR
Boot HDD is 6.4 GB Primary Master
Liteon cdrw + dvd Primary Slave
Pioneer DVR-111D Secondary Slave (80 pin cable from motherboard)
Windows XP Pro SP1

Maxtor IDE controller TX133
Maxtor 200 GB Primary Master
Maxtor 200 GB Primary Slave

The scans obtained with PIO111 are not compatible with either Benq or Lite-On media scans. If you scan that media with a Lite-On fo example u’ll get less PIE errors ( something around 10-11). From what i can tell from this review: the scan from the PIO111 is almost identical with the scan from an AudioDev SA300.

This is a little confusing becouse that would imply that the scans from both Benq and Lite-On drivers are wrong :confused: . Maybe some1 with more insight on the problem is willing to explain the situation.

Post #1 TYG02
Burnt & scanned with same drive but diff firmaware.

My PI errors are higher than normal for TY media???
Burnt and scanned with the PIO111.

If you could try scanning with a different drive, i.e a Liteone/sony or a BenQ then we would be able to better ascertain whats going on.

heres a scan of my Ritek G04 using the PIO111.
so i dont think the reading ability is a question.
called to complain, they referred me to their supplier, who then may issue a RMA on Monday.
cant really tell if its just bad batches, but off 4 diff spindles, hints that being…

Heres a comparison TYG02 vs RitekG05.

He is my TYG02 burned and scanned with the Pio111