Help! Pioneer DVR-108 can't burn DVD-Video disks

Two days ago I burnt a DVD+RW to test my drive and burning completed at 4x without errors. Yesterday I tried to burn my first DVD Video. After decrypting the files with DVD Decrypter, I used Nero Recode to compress it in order to fit on a DVD-R 4.7GB. The process took about 29 minutes, then I had all my IFO, BUP and VOB files ready to be burnt. I started the writing process (on a PRODISC03 DVD-R) but it failed with the following error: “Error reading data”. Tried it with my Verbatim DVD+RW and it failed again. The strange thing is that all files are present!. There are all the folders and all files, and their space matches. So I would think the finalizing process is the problem…

Please help! My firmware is 1.14.

I can only assume there was some type of encoding error that took place and now the movie doesn’t want to burn. I would try encoding it again but this time try using a program called dvdshrink. Just do a google search for it.

This program rips and encodes and even writes as long as nero is installed all in one step.

Problem solved!

It was an incompatibility between Nero and Windows XP SP2 regarding file access permissions.

Upgrading to version solved the problem. Now I have Nero Reloaded :slight_smile: