Help Pioneer DVR-106D

First how can i find out what firmware i have on my dvd burner!?

Second my problem

Situation had this for many months guessing 4 to 6 months.
Burned about 100 dvd-rs from memorex to princos.

Recenly bought 100 princos paper labled. they came in 2 spindles 50 in each.

Before I bought princos buy just white labeled with the plastic transparent coating on the surface so it requires a sharpy to write on them.

These are paper labeld types which can use anything to write it on it.

I still use a sharpy.

The first 50 dvds burned just fine

The 2nd spindle problems. Using Nero 6 to burn them and they burn just fine according to Nero. Nothing avoided or corrected burnt at 4x. As they are 4X DVD blanks. AnyHOW. I put them in my dvd player and usually at the end of the movie it starts to freeze up until it comes to a scene where it just freezes up and stays there.

I tried burning from 4x to 2x to 1x. All the same thing soemtimes less worse but still a lot of freezing.

I did run one test where i burned the same ISO movie to a memorex dvd-rw 2x and it burned fine and i watched it and the ending didnt freeze.

It seems the same iso burned on the dvd-r princo paper lable freezes up.

I originally thought my burner taking a shyte or my apex 3disk dvd changer taking a shit.

I think now its the media that is crap. I am wondering if new firmware will solve my issue or do i have 50 blank dvds that are going to be all coasters!?!?!

One small note. I burned a movie out of those 50 and it played fine. NOw it seems to start freezing at the ending. I watched it again freezed up at a earlier point, watched it again froze up even quicker.

what should I do???

P.s. for those that will tell me to either light my computer or burner on fire or throw it out the window. THIS IS NOT A OPTION!

Princo is the worst media you can buy!!! Even if you write one and it works at first go back and try again in a few months and it will be dead.

Spend a bit more - you get what you pay for.

what brands do you recommend?

Taiyo Yuden is the best media available but expensive. For cheaper media try Prodisc or Ritek.

TDK is also great media

is there a different between Ritek shinny silver and ritek matte silver??

which is better?


never used ritek

Anyone Else?

Mystery Man do you know where to get TDKs at a cheap price?

I don’t agree that Princo (at least 4X Princo) are the worst media made. At least some burns will play a few times before self distructing. And half have not self destructed yet! I tried Lead Data’s once and didn’t even get that far! :slight_smile:

In the US, is a great source for Ritek media. I’ve used shiny silver 4x G04 and matte finish 4x G04 and get a little better scan with the shiny. You should be able to find these for <$0.50 each and they perform very well in Pioneer burners.

You can also get Taiyo Yuden 4x and 8x for $0.65-$0.90 each at 8X media will burn at 4x just fine in the 106.

And in answer to your earlier question - Nero Info Tool can tell you what version your firmware is. is a good repository of official and hacked Pioneer firmware. At the moment their server is being upgraded, but should be back in a few hours.

I just checked my firmware version is 1.06. Is this the highest I can go?
If i can go higher what is the advantage??

Placeway what do you like the riteks or the Taiyo??

I get mine from tandy/Dicksmith for about $33 for a spindle of 25 8X speed. Havnt seen much cheaper than that.

No, V1.08 is the latest version for the 106D, you can get it here

IMHO go for Taiyo Yuden over Ritek any day. Taiyo Yuden produces arguably the best DVD media available.

Geoffman’s link is to the official firmware. You can get Gradius’s hacked firmware with RPC 1 (region free) and 12x rip speed from Flash’s website at this link:

Extract the contents of the zip file to the root level of your C drive (C:). Click Start - Run. Type cmd. Follow the directions in the redme file.

As for media, I have to agree with Geoffman. Ritek is very good media and it’s inexpensive - better than other media in its price range. Some of the consistently best media is Maxel (not Memorex- some good/some bad), Verbatum and Taiyo Yuden. These are also usually the most expensive. Rima has the best price on TY I’ve seen. Fuji (Made in Japan, not Made in Taiwan) is repackaged TY, so if you find it on sale sometime, grap it. I’ve also found Verbatum at Sam’s for a decent price, and Maxel was on sale at CompUSA this week.

You didn’t ask, but I’ll give you one last recommendation about media: Even though the 106 will burn -R and +R, stick to -R if you plan to burn movies. +R requires a little “trick” called bitsetting to make them as “compatible” as -R in most settop players. Pioneer dosen’t support bitsetting, and probably never will on single layer disks. And although the prices are starting to get closer together, -R media is usually a little bit cheaper still than it’s +R counterpart. (Unless you are in ?Denmark? where the taxes on -R make them more expensive. I remember reading someone say they had that problem in one of the forums, but I’m sure of the country.)

thanks a lot for the tips. I am stickign with minus R because its more compatible. even with the hacked firmware i am still limited to 4x writing right?

Yep you will never get higher than 4X burn speed with the 106D. Ive got that drive myself along side the A08

To tell the truth, a good rule of thumb is to burn at half your drive’s rated speed if you are looking to get the absolute best quality burn possible. I’m not saying you can’t get a good burn at max speed. But if your cousin is only going to lend you his Special Edition Version, not available in rental movie once, not only will you back it up twice, you’ll want to make sure they are the best they can be.

how do u get the command prompt to the root of the directory, when i open it up it starts off on c\documents and settings\my name

i have tried different f/w updates but they find the drive but dont update it only says that it is not the correct firmware.

i have a pioneer dvr106d, v1.07 at the mo

please help

i have tried numerous programs now that all say they the 1.08 f/w update for the pioneer dvr106d, they all find the target drive but then when i try & update it, i get a message telling me that it is not the correct f/w.

my drive at the moment is v1.07.

i never had problems burning dvd’s until about 3 weeks ago, it keeps coming up internal target failure when trying 2 burn with nero, occasionally i do manage to get a disk burned.

at the moment i am using datawrite yellow 8x -r & also datawrite titanium -r

can someone please help, i’m at my wits end, i know the burner is still working as it has no problems burning on to cd.

thanx in advance

Either yor drive has a patched or OEM firmware on.

Please use DVRFlash and use the command:
DVRFlash -v X:
(replace X: with the correct drive) and post the output here.

I see he never posted them back but as I am also wanting to know the same question I will highjack the thread and post mine:

C:&gt;DVRFlash -v

DVRFlash v2.2 : Pioneer DVR firmware flasher
by Agent Smith, et al., November 2005

DVRFlash -v

Device parameter was not given, detecting all DVR drives:

    Device : H:
    Vendor : PIONEER
     Model : DVD-RW  DVR-106D
  Revision : 1.07

    Status : RPC-1 (region free)

Now run DVRFlash again, from the command prompt, using
one of the device(s) listed above as first parameter

I want to flash either to RPC 1.08 or the BIOS from Pioneer 1.08 and I have them both.

So any help on the final settings would be very appreciated.


Current BIOS: Pioneer DVR-106 v1.07 RPC-1 + 2xDVD-R + 12xRip

BIOS I want to flash to:

DVR-A06D v1.08 - RPC-1 + 12xRip


Pioneer DVR_106DA06D_FW1.08