Help Philips DVD-Ram SDVD8821

Help Please…

I have a notebook BenQ S53W with multimedia DVD-Ram SDVD8821 on it, but i think the driver is too old. can anyone have the link where i can download the driver or firmware… to update my phillips DVD8821?
i couldnt find it on the internet after browsing hours… including the manufacture or web phillips it self, there’s no driver in there.

Please… help me


and… i also have the same problem, im under warrenty though, but last time i called hp they charged me for it, lol…

anyway yes my driver is either corrupted or missing, i have all the recovery discs etc… maybe i unintentionally removed it when i was sifting through all the bullshit they loaded on here… ummmm when i reinstalled windows media, the cd player worked fine, i hear it working, its just the driver or something doesnt show up, and i tried all the typical stuff, its either corrupted or missing, but it definitely spins up the disc when i put it in there, do i need to reinstall everythiing?

or can i find the driver that the thread starter and I can not seem to find

thanks for the help

philips dvd-ram SDVD8821

Looks like you might be out of luck on a firmware update for this drive…I’m not finding anything. Maybe someone else will stop by with some insight, but I wouldn’t hold my breathe…the OP is probably dead after 10 months.

Give [B]HP[/B] customer support a call and they will sort it out for you :slight_smile: