Help pc reboots while burning dvd's with btc 1004


i have a very big problem.
i bought a btc dvd burner 1004
while buring with nero the pc reboots the system with no reason to detect and has damaged a lot of disks allready
after reboot windows xp pro makes a minidump and repairs something but only the minidump i can find back in de log of the pc
i’m using an Aopen ak93pro mainboard with amd athlon 800 mhz with an asus v6600 gforce1 32mb video 300 watts psu soundblaster live and realtek lan card and 2 128mb ram modules.
one maxtor 60 gig harddisk one seagate 20 gig hardisk both on the first ide controller as master and slave
de btc dvd on the second controller as master with a 80 pins cable running in ultra dma mode 4 under windows xp pro with sp1 and all the rest of the updates.
i removed all unnessery hardware and did a clean xp install replaced all ide cables with new ones
use 3 versions of nero still the same
updated dvd drive to 043 no results and to 045 and no results
the same hapens while buring normal cd-r it’'s rebooting too
but in save mode cd-r burning works but at the end it makes about 330 buffer underruns and takes 10 min to burn a cd
i’m using the newst via drivers i removed them too an let windows control it but then nero buffer indicater gets nuts constantly from minimal to maximal buffer.
installed the drivers again then the buffer is back to normal

whats wrong with my system ?? can sombody give me a hint ??
psu maybe ??

My first guess would be the powersupply !

Nowadays 300W isn’t adequate anymore and also, most 300W powersupplies aren’t really 300W, just peak power 300W. When you reach the limit of your powersupply, the power supply (watch the space here !) becomes unstable, which could cause your system to reset.

The best way to test this hypothesis is to disconnect one of the other devices from the powersupply and try again.

If the problem still persists, try checking the master/slave settings of your IDE devices and/or try the DRW1004 as the only drive on the secondary IDE, etc.

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