Help -pc reboots half way through copy




Looking for any help with my problem. I have tried Anydvd and dvd43, plus the built in decrypter in 123copydvd as well as Clone, 1click, and a couple of other programs and they all do the same thing.

All the above will let me copy some titles just fine, made good copies of Riddick, Blair Witch, Darkness But then I tried 5 other movies I have, Shakespear in love, Beautifull Mind, Touching the Void etc and what happens is

I start the copy process and it appears to be going fine but then after 5 min or so the screen on my PC starts to pixelate and eventually the dislay goes all greenish and the pc reboots. I tried some of the titles I had copiyed successfully and they still copy just fine but every time I try one of the others smae problem, doesnt matter what combination of software I use I get the same results.

Just for clarity I only had one of the resident tray decryptors working at any time, I uninstalled whatever I wasnt using to try the next one so I didnt have a couple going at the same time.

Would appreciate any help


I seem to recall your screen problems as being related to heat. Any possibility of getting the cover off and trying it with a fan on? You aren’t overclocking are you?


thanks for the reply
but no you may be mistaking me for someone else, Ive never posted before. The problem isnt my display or heat, my PC works just fine except when I try to copy certain DVD’s.


You missed my point, and I wasn’t referring to your problem as pertaining to you. I should have said “your type of problem”.

Your trouble is weird, Virus maybe? I have never heard of anything that could exist in a pressed DVD that could cause reboot in one DVD but not another.



Ya your right I misunderstood what you were saying, Also I agree is a weird problem Pc seems to be virus free according to my virus protecion, and never causes trouble any time other than when I try to copy certain DVD’s.


I think chas0039 probably spotted your problem: the same happened to me some time ago. Halfway during a CloneDVD session, my PC was rebooting. I was thinking about some kind of copyprotection, then I tried to make a bunch of FLAC files from some WAVs… puff… reboot.
Being two CPU-intensive tasks, I realized that my CPU was overheating… the CPU cooler (original AMD sold with the processor) was going bananas…
With a robust 7000-rpm cooler and now my PC is fine again. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,



Well I did finally figure out what the problem was, and while it wasnt heat the suggestions did help me rethink my problem… I was thinking it was software or some copy protection bug. but once you guys started talking heat etc it made me look into hardware. I am running an ATI video card and I know they can be very fussy of voltages so I started looking at system voltage and there it was … my power supply’s 3.3 V feed was dropping down occaisionally to 2.5 volts and it did this during the copy, I imagin as the load from the cpu went up under the strain of transcoding the power supply was crapping out. Anyway long story short …new very good Power supply and problem solved.

Thanks guys you saved me a lot of time and stopped me from seaching all over for some kind of software fix… was just what I needed to break out of the box of my own stubborn ideas LOL :slight_smile:


Congrats… glad that you worked it out. At least we were right saying that it was a hardware problem. :stuck_out_tongue:




how do you check that out?


I use a utility that came with my DFI motherboard called hardware doctor, and it measures all the various voltages and temperatures on the MoBo.