Help! pc crashes!

yeah t0nee i think thats what im going to have to do

£35 an hour!!! Always amazes me that they can charge that (you should see the prices listed at PC World just for reinstalling an OS!).

Rather do it meself :iagree:

pc world refused to look at my pc when i was having problems with xp before. they said they dont sell this model so they cant fix it. useless!

The way they advertise it, I thought they’d look at any PC for the right price!

They are useless though, you’re right there. Money grabbing too, I couldn’t in good faith charge those prices for working on someone’s PC :disagree:

people must pay that tho if thats what theyre charging. be a good business to get into charge half of what everyone else is :wink:

True. :wink:

Hehe, yeah I’d do that myself, but people wanting work done with their PCs comes in fits and spurts - one minute, like me at the moment, you’ll have 3 PCs to work on, the next, dead quiet. :doh:

Getting back on topic, here’s an idea: do you have a small independent PC shop near to you? Sometimes they do repairs and don’t charge the earth for it. I have such a place fairly near me (few miles), and thought it was worth asking.

id pay you if you could find a way to get inside mine. it would be cheaper than if i were to kick it about the house then go and buy a new 1

Hehe, whereabouts in the UK are you from? I’m guessing you’re from the UK :wink:

That really is odd that there seems to be no way to open the case though. Might be worth doing as t0nee1 suggested and finding a tool that’ll open it.

yeah ive been looking on internet and i saw a set of 100 which look like the right shape for 10£.

i live in south wales!

Excellent! £10 isn’t bad considering you’d be able to open up your case whenever you need to (to upgrade as well should you want to in future) :smiley:

South Wales, not too far from me (I’m from Bristol)…still a bit far to travel for a PC check though, £10 is a better investment :bigsmile:

haha yeah i think ill buy the tool kit. theyll probably have something in b&q or somewhere!

i just tried making a dvd file again, but left everest open so i could see the temps, i stopped it when the temp got up to 90 so i think i need to get this fixed asap

The temp reached 90 under load? Ouch, that’ll definitely be why it’s acting up then :eek:…I think my old P4 hit 90 once, the heatsink and CPU fan were broken, and it locked up literally just after I loaded Windows.

Yep, I’d order that toolkit as soon as :iagree:

ive just noticed when i turn on my pc after all that stuff about the system comes up just before windows loads i get a black screen with a white loading bar at the bottom of the screen. ive never noticed that before all the problems started. is that normal and am i just talking nonsense now? help i cant stop typing!

I could be wrong, but I think that’s Windows checking the HDD because it was shut down wrong.

Someone else might want to confirm that though, it hasn’t happened to me for years :eek:

You need either a clutch head or torq head screwdriver to open the case. The manual will show it. A clutch head screw has a hole shaped like a figure 8. A torq head is a hole shaped like a six sided star.

its the same shape as an alan key. like a hexagon with a circle in the middle. theyre really small aswell. i guess a star shaped screwdriver would do the trick tho. can you buy them in any tool shop?