Help! pc crashes!

only recently have i had this problem. a few weeks ago my computer was fine.

it happens mainly whilst encoding avi files to dvd. itll get between 20% to 40% then my cpu just shuts down without a warning or error message then when i try to switch it back on it wont restart for about 10 minutes.

ive tried a few programmes (nero, dvdsanta, power producer and vso convertxtodvd) and all do the same. ive uninstalled xp and reinstalled it but it still does the same. im not running any other programmes in the background and my computer temperature seems fine.

any ideas??

i am pretty new to this so please dont use too much fancy computer lingo :bigsmile:

H-751 " wrote" it happens mainly whilst encoding avi files to dvd. itll get between 20% to 40% then my cpu just shuts down without a warning or error message then when i try to switch it back on it wont restart for about 10 minutes.
Sounds like HW problem to me, maybe Power supply,what are your PC specs? Also check CPU temp with core temp tool…
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I would suspect first CPU temps, then PSU.

Good advice from t0nee1 :slight_smile:

thanks for the welcome guys. the cpu temp is all fine. im not sure on my specs where will i find all the info you need and what should i do about the power supply?

If your PC isn’t under warranty, open up the case and tell us what’s written on the sticker on your power supply unit (watts, brand name etc). :slight_smile:

Example: my PSU is made by FSP, and is a 350W model.

You say your temps are fine, what are the temps (and what CPU do you have)? I ask because it’s easier to double check that.

tbh i dont know what the temps are. my wife checked them yesterday and i tried using the 1 on the link from t0nee1 but when i tried to install it gave me an error saying this is not an intel core processor.

i cant open the casing as its sealed shut. its just a factory infinity desktop pc with pentium 4

OK :slight_smile:

Try this - download the trial version of Everest here.

Install it, and when it’s installed, click Computer on the left hand side, then click Sensor in the main window. It should give you a list of various temps (CPU, HDD etc).


ok here goes


motherboard 29 (84)
CPU 67 (153)
Aux 19 (66)
maxtor [trial version]

cooling fans

CPU 1758 RPM
Chassis 2519 RPM


CPU core 1.52 v

  • 5 v 5.13v
    +12 v [trial version]
    +5 v standby 5.09v
    VBAT Battery 3.18v
    DIMM 3.20v
    AGP 1.34v

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CPU’s a bit high. I had problems with my P4 when it hit those kinds of temps (locking up when ripping DVDs/CDs).

I’d say try to clean out the dust bunnies a bit, but as you say the case is sealed.

You probably just need some more ram, better processer, or somthing like that. Ok, do other programs work (your virus scanner, ext) or does everything crash?

yeah i thought that. the casing has a load of vents around the sides and i can see its really dusty inside. is there anything else you can think of as i really want to get these files onto disc asap

its only when i try encoding to dvd really. i tried the burning software with vob files and that worked. my antivirus and internet work fine even games are good. however it has cut of while i was sending an e mail a few days ago but thats the only case. the comp doesnt really turn off. im not sure what happens the cpu just dies but the lights on my numbers lock/caps lock stay on where if i turn it off properly those lights go aswell

Unfortunately if you can’t open the case to blow a bit of compressed air around, then I’m a bit stuck for answers :frowning:

When I was having temp problems with my old P4, blowing all the dust out took the temps down by about 10 degrees. The temps were still a little high, but not enough to cause it to lock up like it was doing.

ok then, thanks for your help. hopefully someone will have answers before i have to go out and buy a new computer:(

Is the PC under warranty?

If not, is there definietely no way you can unscrew the side of the case or anything?

I suspect the CPU is overheating,open case and blow out dust as suggested…In fact leave case open then try process your DVD,see if it works…perhaps a heatsink issue,you never Know!

its not under warranty. that ran out a few weeks before the problem. typical aint it!

definately no way to open it, or not that i can see anyway. its all riveted around the back and the side that looks like it can be opened needs a special tool to open it. its like the shape of an alan key but has a thing in the middle so i can get a key in

Wow. Even one side of the Dell I just got is easily opened :eek:

It’s most likely a tamper proof tork bit tool,buy at radioshack or tool supply…open case and clean it…

i guess its a way they can make money. the repair place charge 35£ per hour and im not paying that for someone to open it and blow