Help Packetcd 3.0



I have a compatible burner for this program. A Ricoh MP7060A it came with the burner. Any one know how to get the compressed volume to work, it formats fine, but it won’t copy over 650 megs… ie. it says 1.27 gigs free but once 650 megs of data is copied it wont let nemore on says its full…


The 1.27 gigs is an estimate. If you put files on the cd that do not compress well (like files that are already compressed) you do not gain very much.



I tried writing files that had no compression whats so ever like wave files and .dat’s and the like but the same thing occured…
and wavs can be compressed quite nicely
50meg wav 5 meg mp3…
So I’m not sure if that is an issue
If you have any other suggestions im open to them


wavs don’t compress very well. About 3/4 I think. MP3 is a lossy compression format. Do you want the stuff you put on your cd to be about the same as te original?

Anyway, I suggest you ace, rar or zip your stuff and put it on a “normal” PacketCD.