Help openin a folder on a cd

My friend make a backup of her data onto a CD and then reformatted - the probem is the CD doesnt work. I really would like to get the photos off the CD, their from a once in a life time trip and it would be a shame to loose them.

The CD opens (just) in windows, its slow and takes ages to go into each folder, when I double click to go into the honduras folder it says it cannot open that file type…

So I researched the CD format CDFS on the net found one thing saying it was windows and another saying it was linux - so I put the CD on my laptop (it has linspire on it) it loaded the CD fine but when I get to the folder that has the images in it they aren’t there - I know they are because we managed to get that far on my friends computer.

I’ve tried copying but its protected, I also found a similar thread somewhere on here saying run A-Ray so I ran that and got this:
[12:05:53 PM] — File(s) Scan Finished [4.20s] —
[12:05:57 PM] No Protection detected -> D:\Aug 16 2005 [E129E927]

so if the files arent protected whycant I copy them!?

Argh! I really need these photos - they’ll be going on the website ‘hopefully’ if I ever get them

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Try to recover your files with IsoBuster

it didn’t work sigh

this is so frustrating!

Try creating an image of the CD using Nero or any other s/w and burn to a new CD.

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