Help on the sims

hey can someone please help me out. i am trying to burn all three copies of the sims using the latest version of clone cd. Everything is compatible but i cannot seem to get a clean copy of any of the sims games. I even enabled fast error skip and I still cant get a copy . What am I doing thats wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks:eek:

Please give us some more info:

[ul][li]What’s your exact problem?
[/li][li]What settings are you using (The Sims should be no problem with Fast Error Skip enabled)
[/li][*]Used hardware[/ul]Please let us know!

Set Read Speed to 1x (176 kByte/s)
Select Read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks
Select Read SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks
Select Fast Error Skip
Set Read Retry to at least 5
Set Error correction to None
UnSelect Don’t report bad sectors
UnSelect Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner

When ready burn the CD-Image a CD-R using CloneCD with these settings:
Set Write Speed to any desired speed
Select RAW DAO
Select Don’t Repair SubChannel Data
UnSelect Simulate Writing (if available)
Select Burn Proof/Just Link (if available)
unSelect Perform Laser Power Calibration
unSelect Wait until Buffers are full
Select Always close last Session
Play the game!

DO NOT use one setting for all!!! Uncool advice. Some examples of how different settings are needed.

PSX LibCrypt requires both subs on Read & “Don’t repair subchannel…” ticked on Write; SecuROM requires Data subs only on Read but “Don’t repair…” unticked on write.

SD requires FES (if supported) only to speed things up as the errors are not required on the backup. Otherwise “all off”.

CopyLok/CodeLok requires combinations of FES & IBSS. IBSS is a science on its own!

Freelock requires “all off”

Audio SAO needs the “Close last session…” unticked

By all means offer advice that you know works, but, one size fits all?