Help on Taiyo Yuden Purchase



I’ve been reading everywhere this is the best media to get. I recently upgraded to Verbatim and have noticed an improvement but still some minor freezing issues. I want to try TY but have seen threads warning about where it is made, etc. Where do I get TY and know they are the good ones made in Japan?
Thanks for your help.


Check out the media forum.
TY can be purchased direct from and (to name a few).
Also, if you go to Best Buy / Compusa / Circuit City and purchase Sony / FUJI / TDK you have a chance to purchase TY. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is that when you purchase at BB etc the media is MIJ (Made in Japan). Sony / Fuji / TDK also carry poorer media (Made in Taiwan). Only the MIJ is TY.


I always buy from Rima.Com. They will definitely sell you good quality TY media (no fakes). In fact, they just lowered the price, too from US $0.41 to US $0.40 a disc for the 100-pack. Specifically, I buy the DVD+R silver lacquer:

Also, you can buy “FujiFilm” media…sold at Best Buy for example. If it says “Made in Japan” on the side, it will be authentic TY media. It MUST say “Made in Japan”, however. Anything else is not guaranteed.

Good luck.


Actually I’ve read in the media forum that recent Fuji is not TY anymore, and also that Fuji TY discs were less reliable.
Rima is a good source for TY indeed. :iagree: - and in Europe SVP

“have noticed an improvement but still some minor freezing issues”
Mmhhh… with Verbatim discs this is very strange, so I wonder how you burn your discs (drive, speed…?), and which Verbatims you bought?


I bought Verbatim DVD-R 8x. I burn at 8x. How do I give you the burner details? With the Verbatim there is definately an improvement but still on every few discs a very minor split second freeze here or there. No real pattern. Thanks for the TY info.


The brand and model would be a good start :wink:


Hi :slight_smile:
If this problem has arisen whilst making backups of your current DVD library, I’d suggest checking source media & possibly cleaning said media.
I’ve never had a problem with Verbatim (MCC) media.
If this doesn’t help, derfrag hd before trying again. If this doesn’t work try different s/w.


OK. I’m going to admit I feel stupid but this is all I could find:

16x Double-Layer Multi-Format DVD Writer DVD¦/R¦RW/CD-R/RW
Got with new Gateway system.

I defrag regularly and make sure I’m not running other apps at the time.


Hi :slight_smile:
The drive you’ve is made by LG & tends to be a very reliable performer ( I have two that I use in external form).What s/w are you using & could you check the f/w of your drive.


I’m using DVD Decryptor, DVD Shrink (and NERO). Feeling like a huge newbie but what does F/W mean and how do I check it. Thanks again for your help…and patience.


I think he means “firmware” :wink: - good idea to check for a newer LG firmware.
Your model is LG (brand) GSA-4163B (model).


OK. Thanks. I just updated that and will give it a try.


Please report, don’t be a stranger :slight_smile:


So far this seems to have worked. I will post if it arises again. Just one more question. Are TY noticeably better than Verbatim. I keep seeing they are the top two. I just want to make sure my burns are top quality. That being said thoughts of TY vs. Verbatim.
Thanks again for all of your help.


Hi :slight_smile:
Both media are the best, if there is any difference Taiyo is marginally better quality wise. But Verbatim is marginally better storage wise (length of life).
However this has been my personal experience & I’d like to stress the differences are very marginal. I buy either dependant on price & availability.


That was also my opinion Zebadee, but the last C’t study found that MCC’s superiority over TY, for longevity, would be more than marginal… (link in my sig). Well it’s ONE source. But a good source…
(this doesn’t apply to CDRs, only to DVDRs).


I think that the C’t study might only apply to those who store their DVDs in the trunk of their car. But that’s a whole other discussion.


kbell: I have the same burner as you. If you’re located in the US go with the TY 8x +Rs from While the Verbatim discs are good, in the US we can’t seem to locate a source for their “best” stuff. What I’m seeing now is a great variance in quality with the Verbs (too bad because I used to like them).


I’ve always used -R’s and not +R’s. Will I notice a difference or have any problems playing on my multiple players? I’m not sure of the differences between the two formats from a layperson standpoint.


Hi :slight_smile:

  • discs quite often have a shorter write time (few seconds on average). But compatability with older stand alone players is a bit hit & miss.Hence a need to engage bitsetting. This is done through s/w such as Nero.
  • discs are the more common/popular choice as no need for bitsetting, compatability even with very old stand alone players is very good.