Help on set up for a dvd recorder

Hi everyone. I am new to this site and really need some help. I just purchased a Lite on LVW 5045 DVD recorder. I am having trouble getting the channels set up on it. For me to be able to see the setup menu, I have to put my TV on channel 3, then push the TV/VCR button, which takes me out of the cable mode. Consequently, I am only getting channel 4 that can be seen. I did go in and turned on all the channels I wanted, but there are some I don’t want on the list at all. Any suggestions on how to delete them? And is there any way to add channels to this list? Or is there any way to scan and make sure certain channels don’t get added?

Any and all help will be appreciated for sure.
Thank you
Linda T

I believe you have your Liton DVD recorder set up improperly if you want to record to it. Can you please give more details on how your system is set up. Do you have a cable box with the your system and how are the cables hooked up. The TV owners manual, and the Liteon DVD recorders manual usually gives you instructions on how to hook the cables up with several applications dependent on the components you are hooking up.

I think it best to review both the Liteon owners manual and your TV’s manaul for proper wire configurations. I am only guessing here so without additional information it would be quite difficult to offer a viable solution.

The Liteon should be able to do an auto channel search and remember all available strong signals. Most unit have the ability to add or remove the channels you don’t desire after you did the auto search feature with the DVD recoder and it’s built in tuner.

Thanks for replying itz.

Okay, here it goes. I have cable TV, with a cable receiver (for my higher channels), vcr recorder, and the dvd recorder. Cable wire comes into the cable receiver and goes out to the dvd recorder. Then goes from dvd to tv. I have the composite jacks (red, yellow, white) from the IN on tv to the out on the dvd recorder in the av output. I have another set of jacks going from the dvd input to the vcr output. This is how the manuel said to hook it up. I have NO cable wire going to the vcr other than the jacks.

Now, there is jacks in the back of the cable receiver, and another set of jacks on the dvr (those say comp out). What are those for?

As I said before, the tv won’t let me see the setup for the dvr without putting it on channel 3 and hitting the tv/vcr button where I get the blue screen. Is that a setup problem also?

And finally, I can find NO where that I can delete any channels that have been downloaded from the scan. I can only turn them on/off. Any suggestions there?

Thanks again,
Linda T

Hi all again!!

I still need help for this dvr I’m having problems with. I did do a little changing of the wires and the settings on the TV. First I hooked up the wires (red, yellow, white) to the cable receiver out and to the dvr in. The wires then go from the dvr out to the tv in.

On the tv setup, I changed the channel for video and front to yes. Now at least I can get the setup for the dvr to come up without going to the tv/vcr button on the remote.

I still cannot get the stations to come in though when I do a scan for them for the dvr to download. It’s like the only station that comes in is the one that is set on the tv and not the cable receiver.

What am I doing wrong here? Any ideas?

Linda t

Thanks for the info, your configuration is clearer now. However I will need some more information regarding your TV. I will need to know exactly how many input receptacles on the back of your TV, and what they are. I suspect your TV is somewhat old and has limited inputs on it.

Here is the breakdown for best quality picture from your DVD recorder to the TV.

1-Component Video is the best, that’s what the comp out on your DVD player is for, they should be color coded red-blue-green.
2- S video, it’s the small round plug with 4 pins.
3- Composite red-yellow-white RCA connectors.

Currently you are using the least desired connection with the poorest quality.

It seems your problem lies with your TV’s lack of inputs, I don’t think it has component in, nor is it capable of switching to different video modes, thus your only alternative is changing anything is by hitting the TV/VCR button.

What I would suggest you do, you can use the Liteon’s tuner by putting a two way splitter from your cable line before it reaches your cable box. One connector to the Cable box, the other to the Liteon cable in. Now you have all the channels that are on that cable signal, although it will not receive any premium channels since the cable box is required for that. I don’t know if you’re receiving premium channels?

You never mentioned how the VCR is hooked up to the TV, you only indicated wires going in not out.

Judging form the below schematic I see it doesn’t have any S Video out, I’m surprised, that will limit you on what wires you can use on the output to the TV.
In addition, if you want the best picture possible I would invest in some quality cables, the stuff you get with the units is seldom quality. You don’t need to run out and buy Monster Cables which in my opinion are way over priced. You can find some quality cables on Ebay for a fraction of the cost of Monster Cabling.

Also I discovered you can add or delete channels, follow the instructions on the second attachment.

Hi again,

Well, I was going to add a pic of the back of my tv, but it is 3kb too big. Go figure. And I had scanned a pic of my dvr but it is way too big. Mine is different than your picture. Would it help if I e-mail these to you since I can’t upload them on here?

Linda T

Sorry for the late reply but since my last response yesterday I have spent the rest of the day sleeping in bed with flu like symptoms. Not feeling any better today. I’ll PM you with my email address so you can forward your pics, but quite frankly as bad as I feel right now it may take a while to get back to you.

In the meantime maybe you could just post your make and model # of the TV, perhaps somebody else can jump in and offer some advice.