Help on putting dvds on to disc

rite i have a problem i have been downloading dvds off of the internet, and it says they are dvd-rips, but then when i go to put them onto disc using nero it sayd they are not a compatible file type can you all please give me some help on this cheers

Try using dvd shrink and dvd decryptor. they work together allthough you dont have to have both dvd shrink will use nero to burn with but I prefer shrink and decryptor best part is that they are freeware…first you will have to turn it into an iso file and the you can burn with decryptor

First use shrink start with open files …it will then analyse (about 3 to 5 minutes)

second hit back up and a window will pop up where it says select a target device you want to make an iso file(it will store it on pc so it would be good to mave a seperate folder so you know where its at)

when you are done makeing an iso file you can right click it and an option comes up saying burn with decryptor

If you do a search on cd freaks im sure you will find alot more info