Help on purchasing 3dcard?

Hi guys, i need help purchasing a new 3d card for my sons chritsmas.
So far i have an AMD 2200 sempron, asrock k7s41gx, 512DDR 333, 80gb HDD etc etc. But im stuck on what card to get. Im on a budget so its a choice of these 2 cards…the ATI 9600pro 128 vers, and the 256 vers are availble, or the geforce fx 5700le 256mb?? help here guys would be appreciated, and quickly too as i aint got long before the shop closes. Many many thx in advance…sasarchiver

I would buy the Radeon Pro 9800, 128 MB - ask the trader if it is really the Card with a 256!!! bit interface, this is really important for the card because the 128 version is slower :wink:


+cheap (here in austria for ~200€)
+one of the fastest agp cards - Read

hey guys, thanks for ur replys. I missed the shops closing time, lol, ill catch it tomorrow. So u think the ATI 9600 pro 256mb rather than the geforce fx5700le 256mb? The thing i dont like about the ati cards is driver support. It aint like nvidia that way. So ill take the 128mb version i got back and swap for the 256mb version. Ill do some research i think…thanku guys, appriecated…sasarchiver

No, i mean 256BIT interface, this is really important because the 128 bit version sucks ;D

All are 128-bit AFAIK

I have always felt ATI was pretty good with driver updates and much better since the early 3.X builds :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

there are two versions of 9800 Pro, one with 128 and one with 256 bit, but sometimes you cannot tell wwether it is 128 or 256,

Don’t buy from a shop. You’re paying more money (or the same) for less of a card. Best bet is to buy off the internet, where you can get a deal on a better card and come out on top.

What is your exact budget? Up until a few days ago I would have said to go with a card based on the 256-bit version of the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (beware of 128-bit versions, lower price at half the performance), but I’d now look at an NVidia Geforce 6600GT AGP. NewEgg has them for $239, but if you wait a few weeks, more vendors will be producing them and the price will likely drop to about $199. There will be no confusion of 128 vs. 256 bit, as the card only comes in 128-bit, but the Geforce 6600GT beats the 9800 Pro in almost every game around.

It’s nice that you totally ignore the topic starter, obviously it’s out of question since he’s still asking about Radeon 9600 Pro and Geforce 5700LE. And as for Radeon 9800 Pro with 128-bit they’re very rare (at least if you look at and they’re not labeled 9800 Pro (Club 3D labels them 9800LE for instance) and Sapphire’s “9800LE” apparently didn’t hit US in any large quantities to start with. As for Radeon 9800 Pro vs Geforce 6600GT it’s more or less about compromising, Radeon is faster sometimes while 6600GT is ahead in some games. Anyways, let’s go back to the original topic ok? =)
The drivers for both are fine, Catalyst has been fine ever since like 4.2 and you wont notice a difference between 128Mb and 256Mb, at least using a Radeon 9600.

Very Rare? When I looked at Pricewatch today (to post on this thread) and searched by graphics cards based on “9800 Pro” for the chipset, there were plenty of models listed as “9800 Pro” that specifically said “128 bit memory interface”. As it’s in his best interest not to get one of these if he can help it, my advice is to watch out and be careful for them.
And the reason I didn’t look at his topic starter was because he said he was trying to get to the shop before it closed. If he’s buying locally, he’s likely paying more money for less card. Why not shop online and buy a higher-end card for what he’d pay for the cards he mentioned locally? His kid will be happier for longer.

Searching at that site I see like two models by Powercolor and one by Sapphire, that’s rare compared to all models that uses 256-bit.

I suppose I should add one thing: If it really does come down to the Radeon 9600 Pro or the NVidia 5700, I’d get the 9600 Pro 128MB. The extra 128MB of the 256MB cards won’t do a whole lot for you in games; you’d be better off putting the money you save towards something else.

The issue with 128mb vs 256mb cards and the reason for them having to post the size was discussed some time ago HERE for anyone interested.

I think you mean 128 vs 256-bit cards, not 128 vs. 256 megabyte cards.

The 9600pro is a far better card than the 5700LE, the LE stands for ‘Light Edition’ meaning ‘crap’ they come in a few flavors most importantly that some use 64bit memory, which makes it very slow, the 128bit version is just slightly slower than the Ti4200, the 9600pro is an ageing card its good and the better choice but i’d be looking towards the 6600/6600GT, or the 6800LE if your on a budget

Yea, that is what was mentioned/what I meant above and I typed that fast while on my way out the door, whilst responding to many other threads as well… :stuck_out_tongue: