Help on Pioneer XVDV8 DVD Player



Hello Friends,

I need help for my DVD Player, the problem is on the Open/Close CD Rack Switch. If I open the rack to change or put a disk on it,the rack opens normally but instantly moved backward to close position as fast that I can not catch up to pull or to put a cd on it.The same problem happened using the remote or the manual switch button.

I have also a Phillips DVD player with the same kind of problem.

Is there anybody out here had experienced the same problem ? I will appreciate any suggestion which may resolve this funny “go and catch” attitude of this dvd players.

It is a great pleasure to know this site and those members who are happy to share their knowledge and expertise.

Regards to all,



I think there isno way to fix that. It normally takes 1 or 2 secs before it reacts on the pressed function (via remote).