Help on Pioneer 111D

Since having the new firmware for my pioneer done, it has only been able to write a 2x speed. Before doing the firmware, it wrote upto 16x. Tried my datawrites, tuffdisc, datasafe, verbatims and still the same speed. Ive used Nero7, and alcoholic, ive manually upped them to maximum and 16x, the software accepts the discs at 8x and 16x but as soon as it starts to write, it goes all the way down to 2x again, any ideas?

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Do you have DMA enabled for the Pio? Have a look here.


Ive set the settings to dma and still the fastest write it will do is 2.4x as i said before, didnt have this trouble when the old firmware was on

Are you multitasking? Check the IDE channel of the Pioneer… it must show Ultra DMA Mode 4… What media are you using?

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I use datawrites 4.7 & 8.5, verbs 4.7 & 8.5, ridisc 8.5, tuffdisc 4.7, datasafe 8.5 all of these discs range from 8x to 16x

If your DMA is at Mode 4 then flash the drive with your old firmware and then burn something at 16x… then flash to your new firmware again. What is your current/old firmware?

my current firmware is the most upto date, 1.29, will try the other firmware and see but the ultra was on 2

wont let me downgrade to earlier firmware

… Ultra was on 2… :confused: :confused: :confused:

Did you flash with the official firmware or another? Flash the Pio again… might have been a bad flash…

Downgrade with TDB flasher or use TDB flasher to put firmware 1.29 again in the Pio…

right, managed to reflas it, on nero it has all speeds going from 2x to 16x as normal, will burn something and see if speeds correct

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Sorry guys, been a bit busy :)…if your Pio is in UDMA Mode 2, I would guess you’re using a 40 wire IDE cable.

I doubt that’s the problem, but with IDE cables and drives, anything’s possible!

just reflashed and at the moment, without burning anything, it seems fine

Please REBOOT after the flash… :clap: :clap: :clap:

Then burn something at 16x…

Arachne, i do not think the problem is the cable because with the other firmware the Pio burned at 16x and now it cannot go over 2x…

Fair point :iagree:…was thinking more of why the Pio’s in UDMA Mode 2, but you’re right of course :slight_smile:

no, still at 2x

Use TDB to downgrade the firmware…

how do i change it to ultra 4?

80 wire cable… but you must have one as you could write at 16x before (i think)… check IDE channel to see if DMA Mode 4 appear…

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tried reflashing it with earlier firmware and restarted pc, same thing, checked the cables and everythings fine, switched the pioneer to master and still the same thing. flashed the drive to 1.23 and still the same write speed and the discs are 8x - 16x write. is there a way i can manually change the dma?