Help on patch firmware for 16102C and 32123S

Hello Guys,

I have 2 Lite-On CD Writers on my PC, on Secondary Master is
LTR-32123S and on Secondary Slave is LTR-1610C. I am currently
not having any problems with these drives and have successfully
upgraded them to the latest original firmwares released by
lite-on from their website.

Can somebody teach me how to patched original firmwares so
that I can uprade either or both of my drives???

I heard LTR-1610C is possible to upgrade to LTR-2410B and
maybe even to LTR-32123S! Can somebody give me a link on
where to download the patched firmware for this or maybe
give me an idea on how to patch the firmware by myself
using HEX Editor.

Also, is it possible to upgrade LTR-32123S to 40X write???

Best Regards,

You should be able to find everything that is known by now here

Yes I read this topic already as well as the topics from the which
had 125 threads! But there is no link on where I can download
flash file read-outs from original LTR-40125S or good enough
information on how to patch it myself using HEX editor…

One of the posts writes: “just changes 1 string, I am not sure if it
is the first or the second string…”

Yes, I have found this string
on my flash.bin read-out of my LTR-32123S using MTKFlash 1.38
command line: “MTKFLASH 3 R /M /B flash.bin”. However, the
read-out with /B option (binary file output) is only 512 KB! So I
read the drive again with “MTKFLASH 3 R /M /B flash.hex” and
now I got 1,077 KB flash file.

Before making any changes to the HEX file, I just wanted to
make sure which string I should change so that I can upgrade
my LTR-16102C to LTR-32123S with the least possbile problems.
I already backed-up my LTR-16102C drive both in HEX and BIN,
but I also read in this forum about somebody killing his
LTR-32123S while trying to upgrade it to LT-40125S! Even if he
uses his original flash back-up read-out from his LTR-32123S and
writing it to his dead drive, his drive is still dead! That is why I
think all has not been said yet :frowning:

Best Regards,

The only (relatively) safe way to upgrade I see in this thread, is to upgrade to an LTR-24102B. Everything else seems yet to be untested or not working. So I would prefer waiting until someone confirms that he got anything else to work.
I have a flashfile from my LTR-40125S with Firmware ZS0A (~ 500k) - but I cannot guarantee that it will work with your 32123S. And currently I am at work, so you need to wait if you want to have it.