Help on my DVD burner please :(

Hello, I got a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K12RA and my burner used to work fine but one day when I burnt something on a DVD+R or DVD-R it doesnt read the DVD cd. So like when I put the DVD+R or -R it sometimes doesnt read it and sometimes it does read and when it does read I tried to burn something but after burning that DVD I try to put it on my laptop and see if it would work, but it shows the DVD as a blank and I cant really read it good if its a Movie but if its a Video game it doesnt read it at all on my video game system. If I try to put my old things I burnt that worked along time ago it reads it normally in my DVD drive and if I use DVD-RW’s but I dont like using those for Movies and Games because it doesnt work for my Games. Please help me its been like this for 3 months :frowning:

try other media , verbatim & taiyo yuden are the best & most compatible among diffrent burners

I’ve used many types of DVDs and none of them work except for DVD-RWs

i c , are you sure simulation/test mode isnt checked in the burnning software? also are you using the latest version of whaterver burnning software you use?, might wanna update the drives firmware , try removing the filter drivers as desribed here

theres one thing that confuses me

but after burning that DVD I try to put it on my laptop and see if it would work

this sounds like your saying you burned that media on another computer (a desktop?) and then tried reading it on your laptop drive , is this case? cuz so far i figured you burned & read from same drive at least thats the way it looked like

Didn’t Work :frowning: And yeah I meant from my same Drive

Then try to access the discs in SAFE MODE.
If that works, your OS has a driver conflict.

They started working perfect after just using DVD-R’s and DVD-RW’s that are low speed like 1x or 2x and Sony. Thanks for the help I guess ill be using those for now on :slight_smile:

Higher speed DVD/R/W discs may not read or work properly on older drives. I believe my A04 Pioneer will not read anything higher than 8x. It will not read 16x Taiyo Yudens so it seems to be a limit with the drive not a problem with the discs. Sticking 16x discs into older drives will just make your light keep blinking or do nothing at all.