Help on installing WinXP on IBM Series X 255 server PC

I just got this PC from a friend and i noticed it has WinServer 2003.

I hate that OS so im trying to install my XP CD on it but every time I do it gives me an error about it not being able to find any hard drives to install to,I know the reason it’s because It has 2 40.0GB SATA hard drives and WinXP can’t see them because it doesn’t have any drivers for it.

I have this here but I already tried installing the drivers using a floppy and F6 during install,and it still gives me the error.
Here’s two Links one is for the RAID driver and the other is for all the downloads.

I know this can run XP because theres a download section for XP.

Ive been working on this for 3 days now and can’t find a solution.

Normally im great at all PC problems but im comepletely stumped.:confused:

So any help is very appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

Wouldn’t let me edit my first post so.
EDIT: I also looked in the BIOS and there’s no Hard drive settings besides which to boot first.

Well i had the same problem, sorta… I could not login to WinServer 2003 due to the fact the computer was lost in the attic for a couple of years… So i try to install XP and get exacly what u got … So im like “I used XP for over 3 years now” so i go to my mac and download Ubuntu 9.10, install it, and found out that it was 10x worse then XP. So i try to install XP, BAM! No Errors!

I was going to install Ubuntu for now,But then I thought Hm… Windows 7 came out,Once I checked the price I was like WTFOMGGAAAH…falls out of seat.
I just can’t stand WinServer at all,It’s slow,doesn’t have drivers for anything,and every time i turn it on or it comes out of the screen server…“Please press Ctrl-Alt-Del for your protection” Then I have to put in the password and username.
I f***ing hate it so much.

I finally installed Ubuntu 9.10 but it won’t boot. :confused:
I can’t find a solution and again im stumped.

I’m surprised you don’t like serv2003, it’s what I use on my laptop and it’s way faster and stabler than xp (you may like to read this: Windows Server 2003 As Workstation - - or Windows Server 2008 As Workstation

  • - ), it explains a lot.
    Anyway, to get past the “can’t find drive” hurdle, try this: start installing vista or w7 os on your machine, let it go almost to the end, then take out the cd and start installing xp, chances are it’ll recognize the hd now, it worked for me a couple of times.


Well I don’t have Vista or Win7 and Ubuntu screwed up my Hard drives,I went with the multi boot option and now non of my Hard drives will boot WinServer2003,Win2003 starts to boot then restarts my system meaning that Ubuntu screwed with my Win2003 files and has a corrupt install,But I might have a solution,Im going to install XP on a flash drive that will be plugged into my system and it will recognise it and then I will set it to boot USB HDD before regular HDD so I can copy all the XP files to the Main HDD and then go back to regular booting and see if that works,Otherwise I have to go and buy Win7 because I loath Vista.

I just realized I put Series X 255,it’s actually xSeries 225,i was just really tired when I posted it,I also realize that there are no ATA drivers on the download page for this,Im so fed up i have no idea what to do next,I tried the flash Drive idea and it failed,It installed,showed the WinXP Logo and I was so happy,Then it gave me the blue screen of death,and I had to restart it.
i have no idea what Ubuntu did but i do know that I have no way to fix this unless someone has an idea i can try that doesn’t involve Vista or Win7.

If you do the things described in the Win.Serv.2003 as Workstation, it practically becomes Win xp.

The problem is Ubuntu corrupted WinServer2003,and i don’t have the CD,It came installed.

Would it help if you had the winserv 2003 install cd?

Yes it would help because I need it to reinstall,and I wouldn’t have a problem installing it like XP does because it has the drivers to see SATA drives.
I can’t think of anything else that might work.
Im desperate for help,I was going to put a 1GB nVidia Video Card in it because it has all the specs I wanted for an awesome gaming tower.


Processor: 2.8Ghz Intel Xeon (Wish it was dual core but oh well)

Video Card: 8MB ATI RAGE(I am going to change it to my nVidia)

RAM: 1.5Ghz of DDR1 RAM(I have better DDR1 RAM sticks)

Hard Drive(s): Two 40.0GB specially designed SATA drives.

Back Bone: Black and twice the size of a regular tower and weighs in at over 50Lbs.

I’ll upload pictures later.

Here are the pictures.:bigsmile:

Front with cover closed:

Front/left with cover opened:

Front with cover opened:

Right Side guts showing with lock bar:

Right Side guts showing without lock bar:


Well I know why it won’t install,It’s because it has an SCSI Controller for the hard drives.
and XP can’t see them and there are no driver downloads for it on IBM’s website.
Im still clueless as to what I should do.

Figured out long ago how to install XP on this system, but never got around to doing it and I already have another PC I use to host PC Game servers on and it works well. So, I’ll be selling this server.

Anyone looking for an answer to this problem, just simply get an IDE HDD and install XP on it, after that just install the SCSI drivers from the IBM website while running on XP, viola, done.