Help on install/Where 2 Download TMPGenc DVD Author?



Sorry guys, new to the whole world here… =/

There is a lot of info and I love it here!!!.. I ran across chickenman’s guides and I figured I would attempt to follow them gasp in backing up some avis I have on a DVD to watch on TV. ANYWAY, before I can attempt doing so he recommends a bunch of programs to download. One being

  1. TMPGenc DVD Author or later ( d/l demo from )

However when I download this, it gives me an error and says installation file cannot be found.

I have tried several times to find it elsewhere but it seems everyone just puts a link back to the site.

Is it my computer or is there somewhere I can get this file? Thanks!



I just tried and didn’t get any errors select download from the top menu and it will take you to it.
Or you could just use this link


Grr… yah, I can’t figure it out. I tried again today and the exact error is… :Z

Error reading setup installation file

It must be something with the computer, but being a beginner at this DVD stuff, I want to follow the guide step for step, but I guess if anyone knows either

  1. a different place to try downloading or a place to get a slightly older version

  2. a different authoring tool that I might be able to figure out on my own how to use… it would be great.



This site can give you plenty of links that might help you out…