** Help On How To Extract AC3.! **



Hi Guy’s

Can Someone Explain Please The Best Proggy To Extract The Audio Out Of *.VOB File’s.!

Thanks :):):slight_smile:


DGIndex or DVD2AVI will do a good job easily enough.

Personally, I prefer to demux the AC3 from the VOB with DGIndex, and then use a program called AZID to decode the AC3 to WAV. From there, I use Naoki Shibata’s SSRC to resample from 48kHz to 44.1kHz, and then if I want to encode to MP3, I use LAME.

I like to use a batch file to do the AZID, SSRC and LAME steps all together.


if you want a wav file virtualdub mpeg2 or virtualdub mod (both free) will do it. besweet (free) use the belightgui is an excellent audio extractor/converter


Nice One Guy’s

But Could Someone Atleast Give A Simple To Follow Tutorial.! I Dont Want In *.WAV, I
Want It In *.AC3 If Possible…! :slight_smile: