Help on hardrive

Hey guys, I need quick ASAP on this thing as I want to order ASAP.

I am thinking of ordering this drive from svp-

{HA 4131}

I want to use this for DVD Ripping/burning only. Do you think that this is a drive that will do the job? It seems a bit cheap for 160GB

Thanks in advnace

the link doesnt work

No, that’s a typical price for a 160gb. My son’s Deskstar HD just failed & I spoke to a UK data recovery company. Their general recommendation was Seagate. At ebuyer there’s a 160gb seagate for £57 - with a 5 year warranty. That’s what I’m going for next.

The Samsung is faster (ATA133) but I’ve no idea about reliability or warranty.

Hi :slight_smile:
Link here
Price is probably typical Three weeks ago I got a pair of Maxtor SATA Max 9 200gb for £120
So it might pay to check some other sites
Try here

its not 5 years it only looks like it its a full 3 years and then if it goes bad in a 2 years period you get a 10% discount on buying another seagate which is nothing much,there isnt much diffrence between ata100 to ata133 and also its better to get sata if the motherboard supports it , anyway for your information samsung hard drives are the quietest reviews proves it and i have a samsung myself so far so good (about 2 and a half years) and i suggest youll read some positive feedback i mean newegg user reviews,you shouldnt base your decision on what the datarecovery company told you as its only an opinion of whoever you talked to or seagate pays em to say that you should base your decision on comparisons and noise levels and nearly all manufactureres offer 3 years warnatty and samsung is one of as far as i know and basicly all hdd brands have equal chance of failing it depends on many factors and having backup to another hard drive or dvd/cd media is always a good thing,anyway ibm hard had a bad batch of drives years ago but their hdds got much better after they sold their hdd buisness to hitachi

zebadee thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, Sorry for the broken link.


Looking at the warranty info on the Seagate site it clearly states 5years. No mention of 10% discount etc.

Will check out user reviews before I commit my money though.

i remember i read bout it few months ago on some news site dont remember which,i guess it was flase info i just looked into seagate warranty pages and couldnt find nothing bout it , anyway as far as i know seagate does not have any hard drives with 16mb buffer. only maxtor & wd have that and it does make a diffrence