Help on getting Old software to work on Windows XP

I have an old Pc game on CD which is dated 1995-96 and I am trying to get the cd to work with Windows Xp. When I put the Cd in windows doesn’t even recognize it. Is there anyway I can get this working?

If windows doesn’t recognize the disc, I think that it’s not a compatibility problem, but a damaged disc issue.

Check if disc is dirty or scratched. Try also to read the disc with a different drive :slight_smile:

It could be service pack 2 that’s causing the problem. I have ULead Photoexpress and I’d uninstalled it. When I went to reinstall it, I couldn’t because XP had upgraded to service pack 2 (it was a while ago I tried this). I had reason to reformat my HDD and ULead installed no problem, so it must have been something to do with the upgrade.

Other than uninstalling service pack 2 and trying it again, I haven’t got any constructive suggestions!

I uninstalled service pack 2 and still didnt work, Now I can’t install anymore updates or get Service pack 2 back.

OK got that installed, Also I used Virtual Pc Windows 98 and It does the same thing as on Windows Xp, But When I try to explorer the Cd there is nothing there.

If your computer reads other disc’s fine but not this one the answer is obvious as per geno’s post!