Help on getting my burned CDs to play in Jeep


I use MusicMatch Premium to burn my CD’s. I burn at 4x, the slowest available. When done, my computer will play the CDs. My stero in my house will play them. However, when I put them in my Jeep, in an Alpine stero, they won’t play. First I burned with Memorex CD-R and when I inserted it, it just said ERR then ejected. Now, I just recently tried a brand of CD-R called Optimum. When I inserted a burned CD in there it just sat there, then ejected.

Is there anything else I can do? I read somewhere there was someway you could burn a sometype of CD to trick the player into reading and playing burned CD’s.

I would appreciate any help!!

so these CDs are audio CDs with .cda files on them ? they’re not mp3 Cds ? i still would think itz a media issue. i have read that burning audio CDs to blank media that has blue dye is your best chance of getting most CD players to play the Cd…has to do with compatibilty with older lasers or something. for eg., the verbatim audio cdr

you might try lower burning speeds or even cd-rw, instead of cd-r

ps…cd-r’s called audio cd-r’s are normally used in stand alone burners in audio-systems.

Where to ?


Try Taiyo Yuden or 74’ media.
Check if the burnt by you CDRs are playable in your pals’ car stereos.
If yes, then it’s time 2 say “Goodbye” 2 your Alpin. :wink:

Also you may find this 1 handy > CDR in car stereo

i can not get cdrs to play in my dvd player, because of how reflective they are. cdrws will play though. How old is your car cd player?