Help on Flashing my DVDRW IDE 16X

can somone tell me what flashing a drive means and how to do it?


do you know, what a BIOS update is? Flashing firmware is the same. If you do something wrong, your drive is toast.
Firmware is a piece of software, that is located on a chip somewhere on the “mainboard” of your drive. That piece of software contains instructions how to handle a certain type of media. And this is, why people install (flash) newer firmware. They expect better support of the media they are using.
Flashing is nothing else than writing the new software onto the chip of your drive. The package you download from the manufacturer, contains all you need. Depending on the manufacturer of your drive, there is either a flashing tool along with the firmware file or an all-in-one application that contains both.
How to do? That also depends. Normally, there are instructions given that explain how to flash the new firmware. These instructions are either part of the firmware package or separately available at the manufacturer’s website. If there is an all-in-one package provided, then unzipping the archive and running the .exe is all you’d have to do.


Thank you very much Michael. Apreciate it.