Help on firmware update

Readme says

-this Update works only with NEC ND-3500A(G) retail/ bulk, not with OEM releases.
(OEM means part of a full PC package or external USB/FireWire variant of this burner)

I bough my drive as nec 3500 “oem”… what i should do?

Nero info tool says my firmware is 2.16

I received my NEC 3500 with firmware 2.16 upgraded to 2.18 from NEC with no problem.

Give it a try.

but the oem they mean in the info is my case (oem without cables box etc?) ?

You can update without damage your drive.

Or use binflash.

My NEC 3500A was OEM from NewEgg. It came without cable, screws, software, or a retail box. I upgraded to 2.18 without a problem. I used the windows-based firmware update that I downloaded from the NEC site at:

I think your drive is considered “bulk” really…not OEM.