** Help On Editing A Wedding Movie.! **



Hi Guy’s. :slight_smile:

My First Thread, “LOL” I Have The Trial Version Of ADOBE PREMIERE PRO 1.5 &

The Wedding Video Was Camcoded On A Sony DVD Camcorder.! In DVD Format Which Means The Files On The 8cm DVD-R Are In *.VOB, *.IFO, *.BUP…! (NOT DV).

The Wedding DVD Has 3 8cm Discs, Which Are Burned On A Normal DVD-R 4.7GB
In 3 Seperate Folders, (DVD1, DVD2, DVD3).

Now I Want To Compile All Three Discs In To One Full Wedding Video, With A Few Transitions, Effects An So On. Then Want To Create A DVD Menu With ENCORE DVD 1.5.

I Hope Im Not Boring Anyone So Ill Get To The Point, :-). Premiere Pro Dont Import *.VOB, So If I Rename The Extension To *.MPG. It Work’s.!

BUT The Audio Is Not Syncronized With The Video. What Do I Do To Sort This Out, Also How Do I Get The Movie Over To ENCORE DVD 1.5 For Authoring.!

Help Help.! :slight_smile:


What I normally do is to demux the vob files into mpeg files and then they are easier to edit. You can check out this thread to see how its done.


Thanks For The Reply.! :slight_smile:

By The Way Would That Loose Me Any Quality Of My Video…!


no. it just seperates the video and audio files from the vobs into individual files and then muxes them back together as mpeg files.


So That Means Once Demuxes, I have Done It Via DVD Decrypter.! I Have *.AC3 & *.MPV I Think, Now Can I Use All Them File In PREMIERE PRO 1.5 & ENCORE DVD 1.5.

Also If Was To Use It In ENCORE DVD 1.5 How On Earth Will I Get The Edited Movie From Premiere Pro To Encore DVD.! Help Please…! :):):slight_smile:


Your situation is why I do not like DVD camcorders.
If you do want to convert your MPEG2 video to something that is more universally editable, your best solution would be to use Wombles MPEG2VCR/ MPEG Video Wizard. It is the best app for editting MPEG2 video without the need to re-encode. It can also add basic transitions.
If you are wanting to use the apps you already have installed, I would suggest converting the MPEG2 video into a Huffyuv .avi file (use virtualdubmod for this) and your .ac3 file into a wav file (HeadA3he http://darkav.de.vu ). Load these files into Premiere and edit as you would normally, then save your output as MPEG2 (I see you have MainConcept encoder from the other thread). Then use Encore to author the DVD with your newly generated M2V and AC3 files. Some will say quality will be lost in the conversion (there will be), but I don’t think enough that anyone would really notice. DVD camcorders do not do the best job at capturing/encoding/burning on the fly to begin with.


Really Appreciate Your Help…!

Ill Give It A Go And Post The Result’s.! Meanwhile Do Your Know Any Good Tutorial’s. Please Do Post Your Replies Everyone As This Is Very Important To Me. :slight_smile: