Help on DWu-18a need to adjust to 1x

THnaks for your help guys in advance. I have the dw-u18a and i have searched everywhere for new firmware. This is my problem. I back-up my dvd movies at 2x. I also back-up my ps-2 games at 2x, but we have tested with my buddy and burning at 2x for ps2 games does not work. THe games freezes and skips so burning at 1x works perfectly. He has a pioneer so he can choose the speed he wants to record but i cant. I use Nero for movies and RecordNow Max for ps2 games. On recordnow max (if some of you are familiar with it) you can choose the speed. But i cant, it gives the options of Min,Mid,Max and thats it. He and everyone one else inthe world can choose between number speeds. I have gone here
to get the firmware and program needed but dont know what to with it. Can what i want to do with this drive possible?


The problem is that RecordNow does not support your drive. Unless RecordNow has specific support for the drive, it lists those three speed options instead of the actual speeds.

You can download updated drive information on Sonic’s web site. Or check the Recording Software forum on this site to see if anyone has posted a link to an updated drive file that adds support for your drive.

You might try the information in this thread:

(That said, I don’t know if the Sony drive lets you burn at 1x. Some newer drives don’t let you.)

Well RecordNow Max is no longer made soo…no support. But im going to switch this drive with a Pioneer 4x burner and pretty confident that’ll help my situation. Would that be the good thing to do? A better popular burner woudl help me out???

You might also try using a much newer (by about 5 months) firmware like US0Q and see if that helps you any. You can flash your U18A from the UYS1 firmware to US0Q using the unscrambled stock US0Q firmware found here:

As for recording software, one way to narrow down software issues is to use something else. The DVD Decrypter program is an excellent freeware app capable of burning. Unfortunately, it can only burn .ISO images. But most programs like Nero (and perhaps RecordNow?) will let you create such .ISO images that you can then burn to the drive using DVD Decrypter.

that new firmware did help on Nero. When i rean nero tool info it gave me another speed to select…it used to that i only had 4x but now it gives me 4x and 2x, but im looking for 1x. I did get that new engine from the link thegdog gave me when i run RN and do my gi image it does give the option of 1x but on the used speed it shows 2x. So i guess imjust going to get another burner a better one like a pioneer.

i have dvd decrypter but never used it. I got the instructions to use it ill go ahead and use and see what happends. Im wasting so much media…lol

W 20:14:01 [1:0:0] LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-812S US0Q (E:) - Selected Write Speed: 1,385 KB/s (1x)

W 20:14:01 [1:0:0] LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-812S US0Q (E:) - Actual Write Speed: 5,540 KB/s (4x)
I 20:14:01 Filling Buffer…
I 20:14:02 Writing LeadIn…
E 20:15:12 Failed to Write Sectors 16 - 31 - Command Sequence Error
I 20:15:12 Synchronising Cache…
E 20:15:12 Failed to Write Image!
E 20:15:12 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:01:10
I 20:15:12 Average Write Rate: 0 KB/s (0.0x) - Maximum Write Rate: 3 KB/s (0.0x)

Sonic still releases drive updates for RecordNow. The 507 update supported RecordNow 4.x (the last official version to support it, I believe).

Try the 507 update and see if it supports your DVD burner. I don’t know if it does or not, but it doesn’t hurt anything to update.

If it doesn’t change anything, then try the hack in that thread for installing the newer drive info files (made for RecordNow 7).

Having drive support is the only “fix” I have seen for the issue of RecordNow doing Min, Mid, Max instead of actual drive speeds.

As for whether the burner swap will do anything, it might. If the drive info has support for that burner. But as I recall, I remember seeing posts that Pioneer’s DVR-A07 drive was not recognized by RecordNow Max 4.5.

im jsut going to with a sony 530a that is able to do it;sid=LYfuUYKvPyzuUsOkHz7kWs2_v3ohO_scKAE=?ProductSKU=DRU530A&Dept=cpu_accessories&CategoryName=cpu_Sony_PCAccessories_CD%2FDVDBurn_DVDBurners
this should do the trick. Thanks for all you guys’s help though. i found a excellent forum here