Help On DVD Writer Choice & IDE Cabling?


Ive decided to start again… Im going to buy another DVD burner and a new IDE cable.

I could do with your advice… Can you please tell me which drive & IDE cable will give me best reliablilty and performance (off the following pages) you would reccomend me buy ? (as i can quickly nip down to the shop now and get it ?)

Kinda important that its a DL drive. Cant say im too bothered about it being a DVD RAM drive tho.

DVD Writers: tegories.asp?category_id=121

IDE Cables : tegories.asp?category_id=177



IDE cable… I’d go with flat rather than round, as the electrical properties of the round cables can be rather uncertain, and not too much longer than needed.

Drives - eek!
I’d be surprised if any drive in that list is not DL
I’d rule out ones that don’t get a lot of attention here, or ones that rack up a lot of bad points in the attention they do get, but I really wouldn’t want to call it, guess if I had to make a snap choice now, I’d be inclined to plump for one of the pioneer 111 drives (though I’d rather wait for the 112), or maybe a Liteon with 20X speed (not for the speed, but just to be current and with firmware/media code updates for some time). Actually, that seems to be a negative for Pioneer, they seem to be pretty slack in media code support, and pretty sharp in retiring old models from updating.

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Of the the listed the Pioneer 111, then the Samsung 182.

Lite-On’s are getting better + a lot of support here @ cdf. LH-201AP for instance.

On the cable front unless needed for airflow. The difference between the cables listed are looks & price. A good ribbon IDE cable costs around £2 to £3. A round cable of any significant improvement should cost 3 to 4 times that minimum. A lot of costly round cables are all show & no go.

Pick any one from three for a drive. Plus a decent ribbon IDE (80 wire). The Pioneer prefers to be set as Master, whereas the other two are not so fussy.