Help on dvd rom burning

I’m a software developer in Italy, and right now i’m testing a vb6 application (not my app) that uses nero sdk to burn a dvd rom containg a massive quantity of pdf and signed pdf documents.
The application basically reads a list of documents from a databases and then passes the links to nero. The physical files reside in a network computer that can or can not be the computer where the application is running. The burning takes place in the local computer. The files are accessed via unc. The amount of data is about 4 gb (rather large).
I’m not getting anywhere because it takes for ever before any burning process starts, and then I get an unusable dvd that is seen by the system as a unreadable cd!

Below there is some code and technical data. I suspect there could be wrong parameters ….
Thank you in advance!

The application uses this function recursively in order to add folders to nero :
AggiungiNeroFolderROOT(ByVal pathDir As String, Folder As NeroFolder)

’ esame file e folder
For i = 1 To tot

    If globContinuaScansioneFile Then

        If (GetAttr(vettDir(0, i) & vettDir(1, i)) And vbDirectory) = vbDirectory Then
            ' se è una dir allora aggiungo a NeroFolder e ricorsione
            subDir = vettDir(1, i)
            Set SubFolder = New NeroFolder
            Folder.Folders.Add SubFolder
            SubFolder.Name = subDir
            bRis = AggiungiNeroFolder(vettDir(0, i) & vettDir(1, i) & "\", SubFolder)
            If bRis <> FILE_OK Then
                AggiungiNeroFolder = bRis
                GoTo USCITA
            End If
            globNumFile = globNumFile + 1
            nomeFile = vettDir(1, i)
            pathFile = vettDir(0, i) & vettDir(1, i)
            frmMasterizzazione.StatusBar1.Panels.Item(1).Text = globNumFile & " : " & pathFile
            ScriviInFileLog (pathFile)

            Set file = New NeroFile
            Folder.Files.Add file
            file.Name = nomeFile
            file.SourceFilePath = pathFile
        End If
        Exit For
    End If
Next I

AggiungiNeroFolder = bRis
Exit Function
Error handling code

End function

After this it proceed to burn the dvd using the following code

drive.BurnIsoAudioCD Etichetta, “Titolo”, 0, isotrack, Nothing, Nothing,


At the end i get and unusable dvd.
Any hints? Ideas?
Thank you very much!

This is for what ?

I think it is to enable cd or dv burning … I’m not sure if drive.BurnIsoAudioCD is the right method to use here.
Thank you

well i just managed to burn dvds with data also located on the network (altough not using unc yet, just mapped them localy to a drive; yes i use just some specific parentdirectories altough the contents inside to be burned is determined by user selection), using drive.BurnIsoAudioCD.
i dont think NERO_MEDIA_CD + NERO_MEDIA_DVD_ANY is the best here, couse u write dvds not cds, dont u ?
in this case leave only NERO_MEDIA_DVD_ANY.
Also from simtomps i suppose is something about your code that gathers files.
I used some simpler code.
Try other examples and examine them.
Here is one in Italian, your native language: