Help on DVD quality with Pioneer DVR-110D

Hi, I have tested many time but I still haven’t satisfied with it.

2 pictures below are the result of my DVD-R (Mitsubishi DVD-R 8x MCC02RG20). I scan it with my Lite-On Combo Drive.

The DVDs are burned with Pioneer DVR-110D with the latest firmware (v1.41). The first DVD is burn with Nero with data files inside. The second one is created by the Nero CD-DVD speed.

Can you guys help me on it? Is it a known problem? Or my burnner has broken?

Hi Wongjiyi
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It Is Not Recommend That You Use A Combo Drive Or Reader To Do Quality Scans.
It’s Best To Use A DVD Burner For Quality Testing That Supports Error Checking …Etc.

Things That You Could Check:
If The DVD Is A Movie Then How’s It Plays On A Standalone Player?
(With The Label Called “CDS_TEST_BS” I Guess Not) :eek:

You Could Do A Transfer Test With Your 110D & Combo Drive To See It It Has A Nice Read Cuvre…Etc.

Hello, thanks for reply.

How if I scan it with the DVR-110D?

But I think I still get the almost same curves. :frowning:

I am wondering if my burnner got any problem or not…

This is the DVD which created by Nero CD-DVD Speed and scaned with Pioneer DVR-110D. What a shocking result :eek:

How are the drives connected? Is the 110 in UDMA4 mode, what is the cable on it?

What is the name brand of the media? The reason I ask is that the Staples -R media will not burn correctly at 8X and is suspect with a full disk. Try some +R media at 8X or burn your -R at 4X and then scan at 8X max!

yeah, maybe you would scan them at 5x in the Litey combo.

Not sure…I set it to auto in the BIOS. I use the cable with 80 wire inside one…( don’t know what it call )

Mitsubishi DVD-R 8x (MCC02RG20)…that’s why I am not satisfied with curves :frowning:

But why I saw some one burn it with a nice result? :eek:

Actually, I have also tested with Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC004) and get the bad result too…the PIF quite high…:frowning:

My computer have 1.5GB of RAM and I change the ram buffer setting in the Nero to 80MB…

Could be many things, starting with a dodgy or cheap ide cable, adn going to the PSU quality…

I use the IDE cable which originally come from the motherboard manufacturer (ASUS)…but don’t know if the quality is good or not. The PSU, I changed it to a true 430W one…but I have 2 HDD running…is the power enough?

Should be enough, but what brand is the PSU?

Cooler Master…it is a good one, isn’t it?

I don’t know, could be.