Help on DVD compatability!

This is probably a newb question. I’m useing DVD+R to burn DVD’s. The DVD works on my player but on alot of other players…it WONT work. Is there something im missing here? How come a blackmarket DVD off the street play in every player out there, but mine won’t? Do I have to convert files of something. Please help me out. :confused: :confused: :confused:

Which burner do you use?
If you have a burner capable of bitsetting (BenQ, LG, LiteOn, recent Samsung…), use this feature. This will make the DVD+R look like a DVD-ROM to normal players, and increase compatibility :wink:

I have a sony dvd burner that I bought from best buy last year for $100 Not sure of the model no. but it was the only one they carried. So will getting a burner with “bitsetting” fix my problem or could it be somthing else?

It seems to work good when I copy the actual DVD. But its flacky when I try to use AVI, dvdrip or cam

The burner does bitset. You can set the book type to DVD-ROM in the recorder settings of Nero. :wink:

And from your other thread:

When I burn dvd’s

from torrent sites

Each of these statements taken separately would give me reasonable doubt as to whether you’re asking for help in burning illegal copies of commercial DVDs.

These two statements put together has removed my doubt.

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