Help on crossflashing : DH-16A1P >>> LH-16A1P

After many, many firmware changes and about 30 unsatifactory burns, I’ve gone back to LH-16A1P fb/eos firmware. Anything else just seems not right for this drive. Thanks for the help though everyone.

If anyone has managed to get the 20x firmware working for this drive (DH-16A1P), it’d still be great to hear though!

[QUOTE=Skylon;1966982]Another tip for you, you can flash it to a 20A1P/20A4P by changing the drive model with EEPROM Utility ;)[/QUOTE]

I have also me PBDS_DH-16A1P_RF11 writer and I want update firmware to LITEON WL08 too, but don’t run.

I have readed different informations on this procedure on forum, also this, but I have lots problems to do it.
Can someone explain better the correct procedure to a beginner new member as me in order to complete with success the change to Liteon firmware, please? Thanks
I have done a backup of original EEPROM nad its firmware to BIN file.
The writer’s jum is on MASTER of secondary IDE channel.
Then I have used the program EEprom 3.8.3 and choosed:
“CrossFlash --> Upgrade Drive” and I select 16A1P + DW1680 option
(In the writer there is a blank CD but proved also with blanks DVD-R)
Then this, the program tells me “Drive conversion completed successfully” and shows me with arrows (Current model 16A1P + DW1680).
I have reboot my system and then I run the original firmware “WL08.exe” under Windows2000 and program shows me the advise:
“No matched drive detected! This utility is only for LITE-ON DVDRW LH-16A1P drive” infact the drive in not coverted and is always PBDS_DH-16A1P_RF11 !!
I have proved again with firmware WL08 FB-EON patched but same error.

Where is my error?
How can I do now?



Ps.: I have also open equal object in new thread into “firmware” session.