Help on copies working on other machines



hi i am wondering if any one can help me i disk dump all my games on my hd using mostly alcohol usually evey thing works fine i have dumped games like generals, bf1942, rise of nations, hotdate and loads more and they all work fine on my main comp but when i try to tun them on any of my other machines they dont work i just get the usuall please insert disk etc. I tried installing alcohol on each of the machines and still no luck and i was wondering if any one could help. could it be the fact i dont have ccd clonyxxl and alcoholer on the other machines or does this not matter any help would be much appreciated :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:


Usually if you can mount images into a virtual drive on one machine , it should also be possible to mount them into a virtual drive of another machine.


its not that i cant get the images to mount its when i mount them they crash when loading or say the wrong disc is inserted and put the correct one in etc.