Help on Computer Purchase

Hi I am looking at pc package at bestbuy. I am wondering which brand is good and reliable. I am only looking at pc package but can’t decide on which one. I want it ranging less than 800 dollars. Which should I get"


I was thinking of the Gateway, but could someone tell me if it is better than HP.
Thanks for the help.

the gateway seems to be a better computer as is but the hp seems to be better for upgrades. Mainly looking at the system bus 533ghz compared to the hp’s 2000ghz, and the ram upgrades (the gateway can handle 2gb while the hp can handle 4gb) however it is unlikely that you would need 4gb of ram… if you were planning to upgrade your pc to a super pc the hp would be the better choice… but as is id go with the gateway (dual core :D)…

hope this helps


I hate Gateway. IMO they suck. I had a bad sperience with them. :Z IF i were to buy a premade computer there’s only one that i would buy. Dell :wink:

out of those two, I would go with the HP, it seems to have the better monitor, it has better onboard video, and the processor will be faster at everything except heavy multitasking. (the pentium D 805 in the gateway is the slowest dual core cpu available today)

If you are Hell bent on these 2 then i agree with jwill get the HP. On the other hand if you gots some time to shop around then take a trip to and go to the outlet store. Some great deals are to be had there. :wink: :wink: :wink:

First of all, the Gateway is a intel dual core, whereas the HP is a AMD single core.
For benchmark tests and for what you intend to do with your new computer, I suggest you go to this LINK HERE and compare the two in the many different tests.

BTW, I would never buy a computer with proprietary hardware like Dell…but that is just my personal opinion.

I’m thinking more about reliability. Hence the HP choice. :wink: I ask you this. When was the last time you saw a Gateway commercial add on TV? :frowning:

First, my purchase of a computer would be dependent on what I was mainly going to be doing with it.

If you check out the benchmarks at the link I provided you will see, for instance, that the clonedvd test is won by the single core AMD.

But again, I stress if you are going to doing very little trancoding or encoding I would not give much weight to that test.

Do your needs require a dual core? Will you be multitasking with your new computer? That is part of the criteria that needs to be addressed in choosing the AMD or Intel box.

I was looking at out of those two, which I need that is good quality, good for multitasking like adobe photoshop, internet, and some dvd ripping/encoding software. I also going to put programs later on like maya, and studo max. Which should i go. thanks

in that case I’d say neither of those two. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor if you get a system with a better dual core and atlest 2GB ram (you can always get something with 1GB and add another Gig later), especially for maya & studio max. If you can afford it get a conroe Core 2 Duo, if not get at least an AMD X2 4200+

just my $.02