Help on clone cd image

Hi All,
I just download a game Alien vs predator 2 and this game needs to be on two separate Cds.
In the first one I’ve several files such as:
clonecd.ppf, tx-avp21.ccd ( which represent the image I guess ) and several others.

In the second one I have no file with the extension .ccd.
Question is: I can copy using clone cd the directory CD1 and clone cd creates me the right files but I’m not able to link the second directory with the first one and so during the software installation
system is not able to recognize the second Cds that I copy with an other soft. How can clone cd could handler CD1 and CD2 ?:rolleyes:

Or better buy the game, that’s my opinion.

In fact I buy every game that I want to play!

Which means I’ve someplace between 200 and 300 original game discs, you may come and count them if you want.

That’s how far I’ll help you. Period.