Help On 812S



I had been using the sohw-812s DVDRW burner and all of a sudden I can’t get it to work. I noticed that when I put a disk into the drive, and watch the icon in the my computer file, it changes from DVDRW to CD-R and then it doesn’t read that there is a disk in it. The 3.5 floppy gurgles a little and the light for it comes on but then there is nothing. My InCd doesn’t even pick anything up.
When I go to the device manager, it tells me that the drive is working properly.
I have uninstalled the driver and when the puter reboots, WindowsXP picks up the installation of new hardware and it then goes through the process of installing it and I get a screen that says you have recovered from a serious error would you like to send the file to microsoft. Upon entering the IE opens and I get to the page at Microsoft that says this happens when installing new hardware and to contact the manufacturer. Well, they haven’t been that helpful.

Please someone help me. I am a novice at this and would like someone that could do a step-by-step fix on this.



Check the quality of the disc. Maybe the drive’s lens needs cleaning? How stable is the power supply for your computer? Unstable power supplys can easily damage optical drives and is a leading cause of these “it suddenly quit working” problems.