Help! Old Vox is in the poo



Can anyone help, I seem to remember someone saying that it was possible to put all the Windows 7 updates on at the same time, I assume this is streaming?
There was a link, but I can’t find the post now.
My wife has managed to screw Windows 7 big time and there’s no way she can use Windows 10 as she has tried it on my test rig and rapidly lost her temper with it. Help! I do have a new unused copy of pro, her lappie has home premium on it. I would rather use her serial number, but don’t have a home premium disc.

Want to save my marriage? Let alone my sanity after many hours loading all those bloody updates for 7.:eek:


try this to get the home premium


Thanks 35rem, no use I’m afraid. It’s a pre installed O/S, so M$ won’t play nice. ASUS can’t help as the recovery partition is damaged. So, stuffed again, as usual Hey, but thanks for bothering, that is a great kindness. :smiley:


Try this.

You’ll need a valid activation key I believe.


Thanks Kerry, I think I may have the same problem with this. I have the original key that came with the laptop when I bought it for my wife. According to M$ this key is for a pre installed version of Windows. The hard drive partitions that are used for the recovery discs don’t work. It looks like I’m going to use my spare unused Windows 7 pro disc. :frowning:


Well, the upshot of that fiasco was me upgrading(downgrading) to Windows 10. I also put a Samsung SSD in the thing and the wife is filing for a divorce tomorrow.:frowning: Seriously though Guys, I would have thought there would have been a way to rescue the installed 7. I will be wearing my ear defenders against the very naughty words my wife will be using tomorrow. The laptop may just end up being thrown out of the window! :eek: My wife is very intelligent and has four degrees 10 O levels and around 5 A levels, but Windows 10, Mmmm no way.


Hmmm. What is the actual cause of the trouble with Windows 10?
Programs not working or general navigation? I am asking as I hardly notice any difference in day to day operation myself.

If general navigation is the challenge, some start-menu replacement like classic shell could do the trick… That would save you the reinstall.


Hi Xercus,
The cause of the trouble is change. My wife is what I suppose you could call a power user, she pushes the things to the limit out of necessity. After a while, they get full of crap that slows them down and eventually screws the O/S. I spend hours sorting and cleaning the laptops on a regular basis. This time I could not straighten out the 7 install after days of trying. I rarely fail to get the wife’s and others machines working like new again, this time it was beyond repair.

The best I could get it to do was update it’s self to 10, much to my ladies disgust! (No prompting from me, I promise) Even that update took many hours to load, I was starting to believe that there was a hardware fault. OK it seems to have sorted it’s self now and is working fine.

It will take time for my wife to get used to 10, but she “ain’t got no choice”, to use the usual local vernacular. I will just have to put up with the ear bashing about how badly designed Windows is. It was the the same with XP and 8.1 but very little moaning about 7, strangely enough. Thanks all, problem solved, well at least for the laptop. :eek: